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11 June 2024

Jaime Fernández, (ASOVEN): There is great anticipation around the synergies between VETECO and Semana Internacional de la Construcción

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Jaime Fernández, director of ASOVEN (the Spanish PVC window association) and member of the VETECO 2024 organising committee, explains in the following interview how sustainable, energy-efficient PVC frames have become an essential element in meeting current and future renovation targets. He also affirms that VETECO is ‘the trade fair for frames par excellence in Spain and, in addition, this year there is a special expectation due to the synergies that will arise with Semana Internacional de la Construcción

How important is the window sector in Spain?

The window frame sector has always been of great importance and has generated wealth and jobs at national level. The PVC window frame sector is particularly valued by architects and construction professionals, especially in projects that are committed to efficient and sustainable solutions.

How has the industry developed in recent years?

In recent years, amendments to the Spanish Technical Building Code have established the need to provide highly energy-efficient solutions, to which can be added a greater concern for acoustics since the pandemic. The PVC window frame sector also provides solutions related to sustainability and the circular economy, in line with a growing public awareness of climate change and regulatory amendments.

What impact can the increasing numbers of renovations taking place in our country have on boosting the window industry?

Since the issue of the European Green Deal in 2019 and the 2020 Renovation Wave, there has been a succession of policies at European and national level with the aim of making Europe the first carbon neutral continent by 2050. This will not be achieved all at once, but with a series of intermediate milestones and decarbonisation targets that are already in place, and which will continue to be increasingly demanding.

The building stock in Spain is extremely deficient in terms of energy efficiency. We also have an ambitious energy rehabilitation plan through the PNIEC, which will be reinforced by the implementation in Spain of the recent revision of the Energy Efficiency of Buildings Directive. ASOVEN welcomes this framework as sustainable and energy-efficient PVC window frames have become an indispensable element in meeting current and future renovation goals.

How important for ASOVEN is its participation in VETECO 2024 and how do you think this trade fair contributes to the promotion of the sector?

ASOVEN PVC has been present at all VETECO trade fairs since 2002, shortly after its establishment as an association. It is Spain's leading trade fair for window frames and this year there is a special expectation due to the synergies that will arise with the International Construction Week. As per usual, we will use all available means to promote the high technical performance of PVC window frames, not forgetting the growing importance of the sector's commitment to innovation, sustainability and its closed recycling loop. VETECO has always been an important gathering for our associates allowing for meetings on a personal level and creating a unique opportunity for networking, as well as the growth of the association. 

What else does the trade fair bring to you?

The trade fair allows us, in a very short period of time, to engage visitors who are greatly interested in learning about the new features and benefits that PVC window frames bring to any project, This year it will be particularly interesting to attend the events and conferences that will be taking place in conjunction with each other.