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23 July 2019

EMMEGI presents in Veteco the TEKNA TKE 944

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TKE 944, TEKNA – part of the Emmegi Group – is a perfect example of the application of technology specialized in the development of machinery for the production of windows

TKE 944 is a machining center designed to save time and optimize resources, without the collateral effects of the complexities often involved in “technological advancement”.

This development is a consequence of Tekna’s trajectory and production philosophy, where the evolution of the requirements demanded by the industry translates into innovation. Its more than 40 years of history, in fact, provide an overview of the development of the sector and the market, the way of understanding, using and machining the extruded profiles, always in tune with the times and rhythms of innovation, with the advantage, in addition, of offering contained costs.

All functions of TKE 944 are designed to increase productivity by simplifying operations. The center has four CNC axes with mobile work portal to machine five faces in a single cycle. The electromandril rotates from -90 ° to + 90 ° on the horizontal axis to “work the sides” of the profile with its 8.5 kW of power. Optionally, these operations can be complemented with two angular units that deal with the edges, with any tool, such as drilling, milling and threading, on the 5/6 faces of the profile, whether made of aluminum, PVC, light alloys or steel, without the need to move it.  TKE 944 is, therefore, an example of simplification by offering a wide advantage of condensed operational possibilities in a few steps.

The center has a reference stop at the start for the positioning of the piece in machine, to which automatic reference stops and a laser detection system can be added.

Next, the groups of jaws are responsible for calculating the appropriate points of profile locking, also with a double clamp, to simultaneously machine two pieces. A large working area (4000 x 410 x 260 mm height) allows work on large profiles and makes this machine an ideal tool for the industrial sector. With the 7000 mm version, Tekna goes one step further to work in pendular mode and carry out loading and unloading operations in hidden mode. In addition, tool change times are reduced to a minimum. To achieve this,   TKE 944 mounts an 8 or 12 position automatic tool magazine that can be placed at the start of the machine or on the head.

The management of the center is performed by the operator from his/her mobile monitor through a simplified and customizable software interface, without the hassle of excessive noise. The machine has a sound-absorbing cabin in the head, which significantly reduces the acoustic impact of machining.

In summary, TKE 944 offers productive comfort at 360º: wide field of performance, precision and speed of execution, and ease of use. All at a fair price.

Emmegi Group is a leading company in the world in the design and production of technologies for aluminum processing, constantly dedicated to the research and development of innovative solutions.

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