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01 March 2019

CISA will present the new Series C3000 S cylinder lock at VETECO

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C3000 S, from CISA, is an ideal key cylinder lock for medium security applications such as neighbourhood communities. It also has optimal potential in access management for businesses, shopping centres, universities and hospitals, combining access management and protected key duplication. It is an ideal solution to optimise costs in the management and maintenance of master locking systems protected against key duplication.

C3000 S, which will be present at the next edition of VETECO 2018, is a protected lock cylinder and key to increase protection against the main opening techniques and control over key duplication, something only possible by presenting the Security Card at Authorised Centres or CISA.

The longer it takes to force entry, the more likely it is that intruders will give up. For this reason the choice of lock cylinder is essential. C3000 S is certified against different opening techniques and has achieved the highest resistance levels required by the European standard EN1303:2015:

* ‘Key Related Security’: 6.
* ‘Attack Resistance’: D.
* ‘Durability’: 6.

Some of the main features of the C3000S cylinder include:

* Trademark key for effective protection against illegal key duplication (Security Card for the authorised duplication of keys through CISA or Authorised Centres).
* High resistance to “bumping” or percussion thanks to the BKP (Bump Key Power) device.
* High resistance to burglary techniques involving wax-impressioning, thanks to the BKP device and the special configuration of the springs.
* High resistance to drilling, thanks to the encryption system and reinforced rotors with hardened steel pins.
* +40% resistance to extraction and breakage, thanks to the patented SICUR system, bimaterial steel core and displaced cam.
* Resistance to extraction, thanks to the displaced cam.
* Six-pin key in nickel silver with paracentric profile, ergonomic handle and long neck compatible with security shields.
* Possibility of personalised profiles.
* Standard double cylinder version with emergency function (double clutch).
* Patented systems; key design, Sicur system and BKP system.
* Key profile compatible with Series C3000 cylinders.