What is SRR?

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What is SRR?

SRR demonstrates that research and innovation are the best industrial levers for improving recycling systems and enhancing process efficiency. All the social agents represented in SRR are involved in this interesting challenge posed by the Circular Economy.

SRR brings together under one roof the main drivers of the new circular economic model towards which Europe is moving.

IFEMA, organizes SRR in collaboration with FER, Spanish Federation of Recovery and Recycling, AEDRA, Spanish Association of Automotive Scrapping and Recycling, AENOR - Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification, ANAREVI, National Grouping of Glass Recycling, ANARPLA, National Association of Plastic Recyclers, ANAVAM, National Association of Environmental Auditors and Verifiers, FEDAOC, Spanish Federation of. Associations of. Control Organisations, REPACAR, Spanish Association of Paper and Cardboard Recyclers, SIGRAUTO, Spanish Association for the environmental treatment of end-of-life vehicles, and has the special support of the General Directorate for Environmental and Natural Quality and Assessment of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

International Recycling and Recovery Trade Fair in June 2021 SRR Will hold its seventh edition, in the Feria de Madrid. In barely five years this encounter, promoted by the Spanish Recovery and Recycling Federation, FER, and the Spanish Association for the Scrapping and Recycling of Automobiles, AEDRA, has become Spain’s major recovery and recycling event.

Forming part of the Sustainable Environmental Solutions Forum, FSMS, also organised by IFEMA, SSR is held jointly with the TECMA and ESCLEAN trade fairs and the debating space Foro de las Ciudades de Madrid.

Recovery companies, as the main players in the change of economic model, will be able to meet the major Environment representatives of the various governmental departments and bodies as well as experts and professionals involved directly or indirectly in recovery and recycling.

  • Participation figures, FSMS 2018
    A total of 584 participating companies, 256 exhibitors from 27 countries, showed their new ideas in the Sustainable Environmental Solutions Forum, FSMS, which encompasses the SRR, TECMA and ESCLEAN trade fairs and the Foro de las Ciudades de Madrid (Madrid Cities Forum).
  • Sectors that participate
    Throughout its existence, this trade fair has shown a great capacity for aggregating a very wide range of knowledge and experience. This is amply demonstrated by the large number of associations, federations, entities and bodies not only taking part in the fair but also involving themselves in it, forming part of its organisation with working sessions, lectures and seminars. As a result, SRR has become the main trade rendezvous for the recovery and recycling sector held in Spain.

    SRR 2018 featured a wide range of machinery and technological services dedicated to the decontamination, recovery, fragmentation, recycling and valorisation of all types of waste, as well as to logistics and the activities of environmental certification and verification bodies, environmental consultancies and other complementary activities.

    The wastes covered by this Trade Fair include disused vehicles, plastics, textile, glass, wood, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, batteries, packaging, tyres, construction and demolition waste, organic waste, hazardous waste and paper and cardboard.
  • A key event
    Under SRR, the Spanish Recovery and Recycling Federation, FER, will hold its annual congress, which has consolidated its position as the main and most important forum for the whole sector.

    An annual event which will be attended by the main representatives of the leading companies in the sector, and in which the latest developments in recycling machinery and technology will be revealed.

    The annual FER congress will also provide a great opportunity to find out about the sector’s concerns at first hand and to discover new expertise, thanks to the important issues discussed in the various round table sessions that have been scheduled. The Congress is also the leading occasion for networking and exchanging know-how on recovery and recycling in Spain, becoming over the two days a meeting point for entrepreneurs, politicians and experts from all over the country.

Why visit SRR?

The trade fair and its activities are aimed at both the domestic and international markets.

Professionals from recovery and recycling companies, industrial manufacturing and government departments involved in the cycle of recovery, recycling and waste valorisation:

  • Environmental management
  • Waste recovery and valorisation
  • Recycling centres
  • Waste treatment centres
  • Authorised waste managers
  • Waste management in industry
  • Engineering and consultancy firms
  • Government and other bodies
  • Research and training


  • Get a detailed overview of the market
  • Find out about trends and innovations
  • Take part in sessions with experts on subjects relevant to your business
  • Cement relations with existing suppliers and get to know new ones
  • Take part in relaxed, fun business gatherings
  • Form part of a gathering that will attract the attention of the media and of your potential customers.
  • Enjoy Madrid and the many things it has to offer.

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