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Left: Visitors gathered at a table. Right: Dartek machinery.

SRR, 7th International Fair of Recovery and Recycling.

SRR, the seventh International Recovery and Recycling Trade Fair.

The Circular Economy is consolidating within the Waste Recovery and Recycling Sector.

SRR is organised by IFEMA and promoted by FER, the Spanish Recovery and Recycling Federation and AEDRA, the Spanish Association for the Scrapping and Recycling of Automobiles. In its exhibition section it has once again brought together professionals and business from the sector at every level, covering machinery, services, logistics, environmental verification and certification, etc.

SRR once again brought us the latest in the debate on waste recovery and recycling from a multi-discipline perspective and in line with the principles of the circular economy. Congresses, working sessions and exhibition zone completed a scenario in which experts, public bodies and businesses sought new solutions based on innovation, efficiency and environmental sustainability.

That was SRR