Learning after a crisis

This is a special online event that will be held on April 7 and 8 in the main framework of the virtual platform AULA-LiveConnect Education Week, which is emerging as the largest social network for the entire international educational community.

The objective

The main objective of SUMMIT of SIMO EDUCACIÓN, which is organized in partnership with EDUCACION 3.0, is to bring together the educational community of Spain and South America, as well as the entire technological ecosystem, basing education around a space of contact, reflection and analysis of the current situation , where real experiences and lessons learned for the future can be shared, and where to discuss innovation and digital skills in teaching in line with SIMO EDUCACIÓN's own claim, 'Learning after the crisis'

The contents

SUMMIT will offer an online program, organized in collaboration with EDUCACIÓN 3.0, including:

  • a complete retransmission of the opening day
  • debates featuring recognized national experts focused on South America
  • a space where to make known the inspirational practices that will actively give voice to teachers from different centres
  • an area dedicated to students where they can share different opinions

The contents of the conferences will be available to the virtual community to be consulted after the event “LIVEConnect.

Educating in Virtuality

Leading experts will analyse the pros and cons derived from virtual, blended, hybrid education...; the doubts and concerns faced by teachers due to the pandemic; the problems teachers are encountering in online vs face-to-face education....

Key questions will be addressed such as:

Organised by IFEMA and in collaboration with EDUCACIÓN 3.0 

ICT equipment in times of pandemic and for post-COVID education

Home confinement and the closure of educational centres during the first months of the pandemic meant the implementation of a totally online education from one day to the next. This situation brought to light the weaknesses and shortcomings of a sector which, although it had been committed to the digitalisation of its centres for years, realised that it was still a long way from having an infrastructure that would allow it to cope satisfactorily with situations such as the one we experienced.

With the return to school came the need to maintain hybrid or blended education in order to reduce classroom ratios. To make this possible, many schools began to equip themselves with the necessary infrastructure: cameras in the classrooms so that teachers could communicate with students who stayed at home, improved their connections, acquired computer equipment, contracted or expanded management and communication platform services with families... Families, for their part, have had to make an extra effort to provide their children with the necessary devices and connectivity for their homes; an effort that has also highlighted the digital divide that exists between families.

What have we learned from this whole process? Should the centres and the Administration have been better prepared to face the digitalisation of education with guarantees? Is this digitalisation here to stay? Will we return to a total presence once we overcome the pandemic and this equipment will no longer be used? What is the minimum infrastructure that the centres and families must have for a real digitalisation of education and to make the most of what they have acquired?

We will talk about all these issues and many more with experts, representatives of technology firms and teachers at the SUMMIT by SIMO EDUCACIÓN round table.

Organised by IFEMA and in collaboration with EDUCACIÓN 3.0. 

*All the contents of the different sessions and conferences will be available to the Community for consultation after The Summit by SIMO EDUCACIÓN.

What does The Summit by SIMO EDUCATION offer through EDUCATION WEEK LIVE Connect?

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