Tell us about your innovative experience at SIMO EDUCACION 2023

SIMO EDUCATION 2023 invites teachers to present their ICT experiences in the classroom and especially now with digital teaching (at home) more than ever makes the student the protagonist of their own learning.

This activity pays special attention to those experiences based on active methodologies (cooperative work, by projects, gamification, inverted class...) in the classroom; multiple intelligences, emotional and values education, which count on ICT as allies in order to improve the teaching activity.  

The protagonists of the selected proposals (35 experiences) will be able to share them with the educational community in a presentation during SIMO EDUCACIÓN 2023 and all of them will be candidates for the XI edition of the Awards for Educational Innovation and Innovative Teaching Experiences, which will be delivered during the celebration of the Exhibition:

IV Best Innovative Teaching Experience: with its 14 categories: Sustainability, Gender Equality in the Classroom, Rural School, Self-created Digital Resource, ICT Project Inclusive Education, Equality and Diversity, Emotional Education, Gamification, STEM, Higher Education, Secondary and Baccalaureate, Infant and Primary, Collaborative and Cooperative, Active Methodologies and Artificial Intelligence).
IV "Innotech Edu" Award for Best Innovative Experience.

Innova highlighted eleven state-of-the-art-products

Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, concepts of neuroscience, programming, robotics, 3D design, operating systems for teachers to work with more agility, a platform that assesses students' abilities to guide them in their future profession; a portal for psychological evaluation; a comprehensive concept of technological training in curriculum hours; or the latest in tablets, or an app to acquire digital skills, among the outstanding proposals


Inspiring conferences to help teachers innovate and change teaching methods.

There will be a program of experts that will be published shortly.

Renowned experts will offer inspirational and motivational presentations lasting around 20 minutes, with the aim to empower teachers and to invite reflection and discussion.


Collective space, with a pre-established time, where to show technological solutions (robots, robotics packs, electronics and 3D printers), an area called Makers Space. Exhibitors, NON-exhibiting companies and educational institutions (public, state-subsidized private and private) can participate in this space.


Solutions, news and experiences will be presented in the Conference Rooms, by trademarks.


Participation of prominent speakers who will offer interesting talks and practical workshops on a wide variety of topics in educational innovation, neuroscience and  eSports and video games, emotional intelligence, philosophy in the classroom, multi-mode genres, artificial intelligence in the educational field.

Conference program for Educational Institution Directors and Managers, as well as ICT teachers.


It is a platform that brings together a set of business projects and companies of recent creation and incipient activity dedicated to technology projects for education and that are selected to be part of SIMO EDUCATION.

I.T. girl #SimoEdu

  • “Container” space for institutions and companies initiatives linked to SIMO EDUACIÓN, that promote gender equality and the incorporation of women into the ICT enviroment.
  • Institutional round tables
  • Inspiring conferences for teachers by experts
  • Communication in a digital enviroment with initiatives and messages to reduce the gender gap
  • Good practices selected from teachers …..

I.T. GIRL # SimoEDu

It’s an initiative included in our institutional commitment to comply with the SDGs, ( in this case SDG #5).


SIMO EDUCATION promotes the participation of companies or emerging business projects, recently created that are between 1 and 5 years old, startup, micro SMEs, SMEs through a new modality called Show Up! , highlighted area within Hall 6 to support all these companies that want to generate a new business model present their products, solutions, novelties with a strong educational technological component.