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24 April 2024

Natalia de la Vega (Tacha Beauty) and Ramiro Fernández Alonso, Salón Look 2024 Honour Awards

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The winners will collect their awards at a gala celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Salón Look Awards on 4 June at IFEMA MADRID

The Salón Look 2024 Honour Awards will be awarded to two aesthetics and hairdressing teachers of great prestige and recognition in the sector in Spain and abroad. On this occasion, the winners are Natalia de la Vega, CEO and founder of Tacha Beauty centres (in the category of aesthetics), and Ramiro Fernández Alonso, hairdresser and psycho-aesthetician (in the category of hairdressing). The trophies will be presented at the gala of the 10th edition of the Salón Look Awards on 4 June at IFEMA MADRID (the deadline for submitting applications through this link is 26 April). Salón Look promotes the Awards, whose next edition will take place from 18 to 20 October 2024) as a tenth-anniversary celebration that recognises the entire aesthetics and hairdressing sector.

Honour Award in the category of Aesthetics

Natalia de la Vega is the CEO and founder of Tacha Beauty centres, where she perfects the concept of integral beauty, combining health, beauty, and well-being. Considered an international authority in the world of beauty and an expert beauty hunter for 30 years, Natalia set off in a new direction. She set up a business that did not exist in Spain: the first 360º beauty centre in the country.

As well as having the most advanced technology, she adores holistic treatments and manual protocols with a wellness approach. The centres have numerous different options for pampering their clients. If there is one thing Natalia is clear about, it is that happiness is the best beauty treatment ever, which inspires her to show her clients that there is no such thing as perfection and that constant pursuit does not lead to happiness. She says that all you need to do is learn to love yourself and try to be the best version of yourself.

According to Natalia, “Receiving this award is very exciting for me because it will be the second “Salón Look” award I have at home. I received the first one in 2015, for the Best Concept Salon, and this one, the Honour Award, in recognition of my work in the world of aesthetics. This is also a very special year for Tacha since it is our anniversary, celebrating 30 years in this exciting sector. This recognition is an honour and an incentive to continue working with the same passion, perseverance, desire and effort as when we started in 1992.” 

Honour Award in the Hairdressing category

Ramiro Fernández Alonso, hairdresser and psycho-aesthetician, is the Honor Award Look Salon 2024 in Hairdressing. Deeply passionate and dynamic, his career success and renown have made him an indisputable reference in Spanish hairdressing. He is internationally known as the Spanish football team's hairdresser and has received an enormous number of awards. According to Ramiro, “Psycho-aesthetics is the science that deals with coordinating the different aspects of fashion, clothing, shoes, ornaments, hairdressing... to achieve harmony between the background and the form, which is growing with today's use of perfumery and cosmetics."

Ramiro is delighted to have received an Honour Award 2024, saying: “I have been in the profession for 65 years and 56 established in the city of Oviedo. Work, effort, perseverance and desire to stay on the cutting edge have always been my hallmarks. I am still at the forefront of the business, and I try to travel, study, train and live up to this changing society. This important recognition touches me to the bottom of my heart, fills me with pride and enthusiasm, and makes it difficult for me to find enough words of gratitude. I want to take this opportunity to dedicate it with all my heart to my dear colleagues of the profession who, all over Spain, work hard every day to honour this profession that we love so much”.

For more information, see the official Salón Look website and, for any queries, contact