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The Deadline for the Receipt of Applications is Now Open

July 15 to September 24, 2021 is the period established for the receipt of proposals for these awards.

In 2013 and alongside the purpose of highlighting the work of professionals, companies and entities in the Hairdressing and Esthetics sectors, the organization of the SALÓN LOOK fair decided to create this recognition for Spanish professionals. Since then, and with a large number of experts acting as jurors, the Salón Look Awards have achieved a certain position in our country, generating a well-deserved status in the image, beauty and esthetics sectors.

The rules of the competition are renewed every year, as well as the jury itself, and a calendar is created with specific dates for the receipt of entries, jury meetings and a selection of finalists and winners (one for each category). The finalists are announced through our website and the WINNERS will be announced at the Gala.

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*This year, the Gala of the VIII Edition of the Salon Look Awards will be held, exceptionally, within the framework of the fair itself.


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This is how we live the seventh edition of the #PremiosLook!


Below you will find all the information regarding the awards.

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