Why exhibit?

Exhibitor showing a catalog.

Why exhibit?

Establish relations with international customers and distributors

Personal relations are essential in business. This event will enable you to make contact face to face with an enormous concentration of customers in a short time. 
Get a feel for the market: It’s essential to observe the Latin American market close up.

In MATELEC LATINOAMÉRICA you will be able to gauge the acceptance of your own products and your competitors’ activity in the world of electrical and electronic sector supplier companies. 
Go looking for opportunities. You have to be on the spot when opportunities arise.

In this event you will be able to identify possible suppliers and partners and detect future business opportunities. 
Consolidate your brand image. Brand image is a primordial commercial value. MATELEC LATINOAMÉRICA will allow you to show your company at its best, everything you wish to convey about your identity and capabilities, in just the way you wish to communicate it. Brand building 
Position your business and its products with high sector visibility

MATELEC LATINOAMÉRICA is a privileged showcase in the Solutions for the Electrical and Electronic Industries sector. It’s the ideal venue for getting yourself known, presenting yourself as part of the sector and joining the circuit. 
Show off your products directly

In order to persuade people, many products need to be shown directly. In MATELEC LATINOAMÉRICA your customers will be able to see and touch and so fully assess them.