Do you have any doubts? We answer you


Do you have doubts?

We answer you

If you have any questions regarding the purchase of tickets, you can contact us using the contact form below:

Access to the form

In case of unforeseen circumstances, you have the option of exchanging your tickets for any other session available for sale. This service is available through entradas.com, where you can consult the conditions and carry out the exchange process.

The conditions of the exchange service are as follows:

  • Tickets can be exchanged up to 3 calendar days before the event.
  • You must select the same number of seats or a higher number than the original purchase.
  • You must select a category equal to or higher than the original purchase.

As soon as tickets are available, you can buy them on the Entradas.com website or call 902 488 488, Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 21:00. You also have the option of buying them at authorised sales outlets. If you wish to be notified with the exact date of the start of the sale, you can leave your details in the form on the website and you will be the first to receive an email with this information.

Tickets for MALINCHE El Musical will be sent to the email address you provide during the online purchase process. You will receive the tickets in digital format in your email.

The authorised sales channels for MALINCHE El Musical are the following: the official MALINCHE El Musical website, the theatre box office, Entradas.com, FNAC, Correos and authorised travel agencies. We remind you that resale platforms such as Viagogo, Stubhub or Ticketbis are not considered official sales channels. It is strongly recommended that you do not purchase your tickets through these platforms, as they do not guarantee access to the show.

At MALINCHE El Musical we take the health and safety of both the audience and the theatre staff very seriously. For this reason, in every performance we will rigorously implement the protection and hygiene measures recommended by the authorities. You can buy your tickets with complete confidence, as we will ensure that all the necessary measures are taken to guarantee your safety. 

At México Mágico, we offer more comfortable, wider seats with more space for your comfort. We also have an exclusive private area to give you an even more special experience. The price of these tickets is €55, plus administration fees.

Of course! If you have a group of 10 people or more, we will be happy to offer you special prices and conditions. We have a specialised team that will give you personalised attention for group ticket purchases. You can contact us by email at comercial@malinchethemusical.com. We will be happy to help you with your group booking.

The Premium Gold Ticket offers a luxury experience at our show. In addition to enjoying the best seats, you will be close to the stage and the cast, giving you an unparalleled experience. We will welcome you at the entrance with a complimentary drink and we will give you a wristband with which you will be able to access the CIELO SOL and CIELO LUNA VIP areas in the "Templo Canalla".

A preferred seat, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy the best seats available at our show. These seats are strategically selected to offer you a privileged view and an immersive experience. By choosing preferred seats, you will be able to enjoy an unbeatable perspective of the stage and have an unforgettable experience.

Of course you can! Everyone on the MALINCHE El Musical team wants this show to be the perfect gift. Tickets are transferable, which means that anyone in possession of official tickets can attend the theatre on the day of the performance and enjoy the show. It is only necessary to present the tickets to the theatre staff to gain access to the event.

It is highly recommended that you purchase your tickets as early as possible if you want to secure a good seat. Demand for tickets can be high, especially for popular events, so buying your tickets in advance increases your chances of getting the seats you want. Don't leave your purchase to the last minute, as the most preferred seats tend to sell out quickly.

Ticket prices may vary depending on factors such as seating location, date and time of the performance. Prices will be available for consultation as soon as tickets go on sale. We recommend that you keep an eye on authorised sales channels for up-to-date information on ticket prices and availability.

A handling fee is an additional fee charged by all sales channels for the handling and issuing of tickets. These fees are not included in the base ticket price and usually cover the administrative costs associated with the sale and distribution of tickets. It is important to bear these fees in mind when purchasing tickets, as they may vary depending on the sales channel used.

If you lose your tickets before the day of the event, we suggest that you contact the sales channel where you purchased them as soon as possible. They will be able to help you cancel the lost tickets and find a suitable solution. It is important to bear in mind that, since tickets are not nominative, any person in possession of the tickets could enter the venue and enjoy the show in your place. It is therefore essential to take prompt action to prevent unauthorised use of lost tickets.

Yes, of course! If you have a group of 10 people or more, we will be happy to offer you special prices and conditions. We have a specialised team that will give you personalised attention for the purchase of group tickets. You can contact us on 902 488 488 or fill in the form on the following link: Link to the group conditions form. You can also contact us by email at grupos@entradas.com. We will be happy to help you with your group booking.

If you wish to purchase tickets for people with reduced mobility, you can call the following telephone number: 902 488 488 and select option 3. You can also send an e-mail to movilidad-reducida@entradas.com. It is important to bear in mind that, on entering the venue, you will be required to present, together with your ticket, official documentation accrediting your special mobility conditions and justifying the purchase of a specific seat. Those persons who do not provide documentary proof of their situation will not be allowed to enter the venue, even if they have purchased a ticket. Likewise, persons accompanying persons with reduced mobility must purchase the "Companion Ticket" through telephone sales.

In MALINCHE El Musical, each spectator, regardless of age, is required to have a valid ticket to enter the theatre. Although the recommended age to attend the show is from six years of age, children under six years of age are allowed to enter the theatre. However, it is important to note that the content and length of the show may not be suitable for very young children, so it is recommended that parents or guardians make an informed decision before bringing very young children to the event.

Tickets purchased cannot be exchanged or refunded. However, in case you need to change your tickets, there is a Ticket Exchange Service available up to three days before the event. Please consult the specific conditions of this service for more information about the options and possibilities for exchanging your tickets.

Indeed, Malinche is a complete experience that goes beyond just being a musical. Before the show, we invite you to arrive early to enjoy everything we have to offer in the Templo Canalla and our air-conditioned terraces. Tacos, beers and snack options will complement your experience, so come early and immerse yourself in the world of Malinche right from the start!

In our Templo Canalla, you will find a wide variety of options to enjoy before the show. You can dine in a unique and lively atmosphere, accompanied by live performances by our cast. Get ready for a night full of fun and entertainment before you dive into the world of Malinche El Musical!

Exactly, Malinche El Musical offers an experience of entertainment, magic and fun for all ages. However, we recommend a minimum age of 6 years old to attend the show. This is because the content and length of the musical may not be suitable for very young children. Younger viewers may best enjoy the show and follow the plot from the age of 6. We encourage you to consider the recommended age before purchasing tickets to ensure that all attendees can fully enjoy the Malinche El Musical experience.

The Malinche El Musical show consists of two acts, each lasting approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. Between the two acts, there is an intermission of approximately 25 minutes so that the audience can relax, go to the bathroom or enjoy a snack. This intermission provides an opportunity to rest and recharge before continuing to enjoy the musical. Keep these times in mind when planning your visit to the show so that you can enjoy the full experience.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 17:30 h to 21:00 h
Fridays 14:30 h - 21:30 h
Saturdays 13:00 h to 21:00 h
Sundays 13:00 h to 16:30 h.