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Come and live a unique experience!
Come and live a unique experience!
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MALINCHE the Musical by Nacho Cano

Discover the Musical Malinche, the new musical project by Nacho Cano where he narrates a historic moment: the birth of the mestizaje. You can enjoy Nacho Cano's latest single "México Mágico", a hymn to diversity and fusion. It is the flagship song of his masterpiece, the Musical Malinche, which opens its second season in Madrid on 15 September 2023.

Meticulously elaborated over more than a decade with the most outstanding collaborators in the artistic field, it has resulted in an effective renovation of the genre. A total experience that breaks the moulds of the traditional show and renews its patterns.

WAH event character Malinche

Nacho Cano, author of Malinche the Musical

Nacho Cano is one of the most successful artists on the Spanish and international scene. Founding member of the group Mecano, he is the creator of one of the best musicals in his honour, "Hoy no me puedo levantar", with more than four million tickets sold.

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Triana l
Manu Lp ★★★★★

What a grandiose spectacle. Everyone should enjoy this masterpiece, so that it remains etched in the memory of something impressive. I will definitely come again.

Marymar Pedreño Celdrán
filipon filipon ★★★★★

Spectacular musical, I recommend everyone to see it.

Esther García
Marcos De Vega ★★★★★

Highly recommended show. A total experience of music and dance performances. Very top the catering and the subsequent post-music DJ option.


Estrella Galicia
Aero Mexico