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10 April 2024

The future of mobility arrives at Madrid Car Experience in the form of an experience

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This major event, which will be held from 22 to 26 May at IFEMA MADRID, will be accompanied by numerous experiential activities so that the public can discover the very essence of the motoring.

Madrid Car Experience will be the motoring epicentre during the five days of the event, from 22 to 26 May, thanks to the attractive range of new products presented by the brands, as well as all the activities that will accompany the exhibition space.

This major mobility event will connect groundbreaking technology with the latest innovations in a fun environment in which to experience the whole motoring universe. Thus, Madrid Car Experience will be much more than just car showcase; it will have test drive areas and a musical and gastronomic area with activations for the public.

  • Showroom: the motoring stage.

The latest launches of the brands will be the protagonists of this exhibition area, Showroom, where the public will be able to test drive and get to know the cars of their dreams up close.  In this space, in which 20 brands have already confirmed their participation and will be adding new presences that will be unveiled through the event's website and social networks, manufacturers and distributors will have the opportunity to show the public their vehicles, and explain the capabilities provided by the new technologies incorporated in the vehicles, as well as present the latest developments in each segment.

Access the confirmed brands by clicking here.

  • Outdoor test booths: experience becomes reality

Different booths will be set up across the whole venue where the public will be able to test drive the main models on the market, with the help of the best advisors from the brands themselves, who will help and guide them through the whole process of choosing and buying the car that each user needs.

  • Indoor Electric Booths: electric car test drive

The electric vehicle will also be one of the main attractions of the event, and to satisfy the concerns of visitors, an Indoor Electric Booth benchmark area will be set up, where they will be able to try out the new electrified models on the market as well as learn about how they work and all the advantages they offer. In a space where the test drive will be the key, it will be possible to discover everything about this vehicle segment, from urban efficiency to power on the road.

  • Electric Demo Show: learning about electric cars

In this interactive exhibition, the public can learn about the future of mobility with all the information they need to make the best purchasing decision. From knowing the fundamental differences between an electric vehicle, a hybrid and a plug-in hybrid to the driving modes of each and which one is best suited to each user.

  • Autobello Car Exhibition: experience the history of the automobile

The famous Autobello showcase of exclusive vehicles arrives at Madrid Car Experience with a unique display of high-end models, unique cars, classics and super sports cars to impress and captivate the most demanding car enthusiasts.

  • SIM Racing experience: Experience the thrill of racing

Another activity offered by Madrid Car Experience is a next-generation SIM Racing Experience simulator to get into the skin of a driver, and to be able to drive a racing car feeling the thrill of speed with all the adrenaline that stimulates driving on the most iconic circuits in the world. This space will have two different areas, where you can drive with GT car simulators and with an F1 simulator, to have a real racer experience.

  • Music Experience: enjoying the rhythm of the best music

As a complement to the whole motoring universe, Madrid Car Experience will have an exclusive stage with an exciting musical programme full of activities, with live performances, DJ sets and much more to accompany the whole automotive experience with a vibrant and energetic atmosphere.

The line-up of confirmed artists will be revealed soon on the Madrid Car Experience website!

  • Food Experience: a gastro-space to enjoy

A not to be missed diverse gastronomic experience for all those attending the Madrid Car Experience. At Food Experience, the public will be able to sample a wide range of flavours and gastronomic styles, satisfying a broad spectrum of tastes and preferences in a musical and festive atmosphere.

Madrid Car Experience Partners

This major event will account for a selection of sponsoring brands that show their support to the world of motorsports, such as AutoBild, Car&Driver and DAZN as Media Partners, Carwow as Digital Partner; and Goiko and Areas in the gastronomic area. 

In addition, there will be Astara Plaza, a space where visitors will be able to literally recharge their batteries in Madrid Car Experience, to rest while they learn more about Astara's subscription service, the most flexible and simple way to enjoy a car for months in a proposal that includes insurance, taxes and maintenance in a fixed fee.

Get your ticket now!

The public interested in Madrid Car Experience can now buy their tickets, taking advantage of the 3x2 and 4x3 discounts or take advantage of the pre-sale promotion (available on the website until 14 May) to buy a ticket for €9.

Find out more about Madrid Car Experience on their website.