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08 January 2020


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• Seeing the qualities of the latest models, engine power and market technologies, experiencing driving them and deciding on the right purchase are the main themes of the new IFEMA offer for the automotive industry • A new platform based on informative communication and on a one-hundred per-cent interactive component to show, through experiencing them, all of the new products from the brands as well as the technology leading to new mobility

  • The double purpose of MCE, which will be held from the 5 to 10 May 2020 at Feria de Madrid, is to offer brands an efficient communication and marketing tool aimed at boosting sales, and for the general public, an area that will help them decide on the vehicle type that is best suited to their needs and lifestyle.

    Given the changes that are promoting the new mobility concept and with the uncertainty generated by the multiple alternatives offered by today’s automotive market, IFEMA is offering in 2020 the Mobility Car Experience (MCE),  a new platform where informative communication by the brands and the one-hundred per-cent interactive component based on user experience are its defining elements. A formula designed to help inform on the wide range of vehicles, engines and technologies that make up this new setting, and to help consumers identify the options that are best suited to their needs and lifestyle. With this new project, in collaboration with the automotive industry, IFEMA is launching an exclusive national event to showcase the present and future of mobility.

     Therefore, the purpose of MCE, which will see the light from the 5 to 10 May 2020 at Feria de Madrid, will be to offer brands an efficient communication and marketing tool to boost vehicle sales through test-drive experiences and consultancy on the benefits and coverage of the many options that are offered by today's automotive market. 

    The aim is to offer an area that brings together all that the market has to offer and to show the public the various vehicle alternatives depending on their type and engine, the experience driving hybrid, electric, etc., to see further in-depth the benefits of technological advances, driving-assistance systems, connectivity and entertainment, or the various ways to acquire and savings formulas currently offered, so that future drivers can decide what car to buy depending on their needs. 

    Added to the informative concept is the experiential concept, with exciting interactive areas, numerous and ample testing circuits in a fully safe environment, immersion activities, etc. that will allow the purchaser to feel through experience all of the new products offered by the brands and the technologies that drive the new mobility.

    The new Mobility Car Experience thus aims to be an opportunity for brands to add their assets to a unique project in Spain; an ambitious national event, designed to bring together the main agents in the mobility sector, and which is expected to double the number of visitors to the last Automotive Exhibition.