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Identifying the most disruptive areas is critical as technology changes rapidly.

Flexibility in the integration of trends, perseverance in the realisation of their potential

Inteligencia Artificial
Inteligencia Artificial
Artificial Intelligence

It began in the 1940s. It was the combination of algorithms that allowed machines to mimic the workings of the human mind. Today, with the potential to completely change our daily lives, it has become one of the biggest technological phenomena.  

Our focus:

  • Digital art generative models. 
  • Natural language processing. 
  • Optimisation of internal processes. 
  • Audiovisual post-production models. 
Computer Vision
Computer Vision
Computer Vision

An area of AI that goes beyond the human visual system to enable computers to interpret and extract information from images and video. In areas such as autonomous driving, disease diagnosis and marketing research, technology is increasingly present.

Our focus:

  • Business Intelligence. 
  • Space optimisation. 
  • Visitor traffic. 
Producción Virtual
Virtual Production

Audiovisual production technology that combines virtual and augmented reality with graphics engines and VFX in real-time to place one or more people in a virtual space or to implement 3D content in a real environment.

Our focus:

  • New audiovisual and experiential formats. 
  • Interaction with body tracking. 
  • Streaming dynamics. 
  • Architecture and virtual spaces. 
Realidad Mixta
Mixed Reality

This area is the study of the interrelationship between the real world and virtual and augmented technologies simultaneously. It is transforming everything from education to point-of-sale to social networks sites. It enables people to interact from different devices and digital environments. 

Our focus:

  • New formats and AR streaming. 
  • Interaction with persistent AR. 
  • Interaction spaces and mixed dynamics.