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The applications for IFEMA MADRID are the culmination of our innovation process.

Virtual Set

This audiovisual format combines various technologies from the VPX field. It allows us to integrate the interlocutors in three-dimensional virtual spaces, with interactive and expository functionalities, as well as multi-camera production in real time.

Trade fairs and corporate presentations

The IFEMA MADRID Virtual Set is as inspiring as it is chameleonic: interviews, press conferences, lectures, promotional videos...

Digital poster

Audiovisual format in which we bring the façade of IFEMA MADRID to life by adapting the traditional exhibition poster. The aim is to welcome the event on networks and digital channels in a striking and differentiated way.

Fruit Attraction 2023

Celebrating its fifteenth anniversary by exploding fruit and veg.

Fitur 2024

The bubbles on the poster come to life, representing Fitur's boost to global tourism.

Augmented POV

Through an augmented reality viewer, this product allows us to stream from the user's perspective. This allows us to add real-time interactive augmented 3D elements to the first-person experience of the show and its stands.

AR Streamings at the fair

An innovative format for the transmission of the energy that IFEMA MADRID has at each of its trade fairs and events.

Interactive Photocall

We have developed a photocall using VPX technology. We integrate the user into a themed 3D virtual space. An ideal environment to propose short dynamic and interactive gamified actions. We record them and deliver them to you to share on your socials.

Dynamics at the fair

A different kind of photocall that creates digital memories: dancing with fruit, posing among the clouds...

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