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Intergift, Bisutex and MadridJoya Change Dates, Exceptionally, to April

The organising committees agreed to the change to ensure a healthy sanitary and economic environment for the Fair and greater success for participants

04 Nov 2020

IFEMA and the organising committees of Intergift, Bisutex and Madridjoya, with consensus among the participating sectors, have decided to move the next edition of the fairs to April 2021. The aim is to provide the fairs with a suitable sanitary and economic environment to be able to offer editions that ensure business success for participants. This has been a carefully-considered decision taken after a thorough assessment of the situation worldwide, and always striving to satisfy the needs and sensibilities of the entire exhibition community at the fairs.

Postponing Intergift, Bisutex and Madridjoya in this way moves the fairs to a date by which time we expect the situation to have improved, with easier travel and greater safety, to allow visitors to meet in a more stable economic context.

IFEMA is already working on this event, part of our commitment to continue contributing to the growth and dynamism of all these sectors at a time when it is more important than ever. Intergift, the International Gift and Decoration Fair, will be held from 7th to 11th April, coinciding with Bisutex, the International Jewellery and Accessories Fair, and Madridjoya, the International Urban and Trendy Jewellery and Watch Fair, from 8th to 11th April.

IFEMA, a Safe Space

IFEMA has established measures and protocols to ensure that the Fairs on its premises will be held in a completely safe environment, ensuring the health and safety and mobility of visitors, exhibitors and staff at the events held in its facilities. The Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification (AENOR) has certified the measures that IFEMA has adopted against Covid-19.

This label recognises the importance of adopting measures and protocols to ensure the safety and mobility of event attendees, as well as providing information to all about access and capacity control measures, physical distancing, hygiene measures and cleanliness. It also covers event redesign, combining in-person and hybrid formats, as essential provisions for safe fairs and congresses.