Who exhibits?

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Exhibitor profile

Suppliers of equipment, technologies, services and products for the following sectors: 

  • Biofuels, Biomass, Cogeneration, Geothermal Energy, Wind Power, Hydraulic, Tidal Energy, Solar, Wave Power and Energy Efficiency 
  • Management and Projects 
  • Energy-saving technologies 
  • Storage, transmission and distribution of energy 
  • Waste treatment as a source of energy
  • Techniques and technologies for CO2 capture
  • Advisory and Consultancy 
  • Support and Promotion Institutions 
  • Banks and Finance companies 
  • Academic and Research Institutions 
  • Training 
  • Insurance

Visitor profile

Professionals involved in the following sectors: 
• Professionals from consultancies and engineering, construction, architecture and trading firms 
• Industrial energy users 
• Manufacturers and distributors of equipment 
• Fitters, contractors and maintenance companies 
• Promoters of energy projects
• Universities, R&D centres 
• Real estate referrers and developers 
• Government bodies and in general all business people with links to the world of non-conventional renewable energy and energy and environmental efficiency