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EDITEC Conferences & Fairs

Technopress, part of the Editec group of companies, is Chile’s leading technical and business publisher. With 37 years of track record, it is known for its technical publications covering the most important sectors of the country’s economy. Its portfolio includes producing and publishing magazines such as Minería Chilena, Electricidad, Latinominería, Aqua and Lignum, compendia and studies, Internet portals, newsletter services and organising specialist conference and trade fairs.


IFEMA MADRID is the Madrid Trade Fair Institution (Institución Ferial de Madrid). Its experience over nearly 40 years as an organiser of trade fairs places it as Spain’s leading operator and one of the biggest in Europe. Its activity centres on organising trade events relating to the various economic sectors and on managing its spaces and infrastructure for all kinds of activities, ranging from trade fairs held by third parties through conventions, congresses to any kind of event.

One of its main commitments is to generate wealth and development for the Region and to promote and project the image of Madrid within Spain and beyond.