What is FIAA?

Next generation bus.

What is FIAA?

  • FIAA is the biennial event where all manner of new bus and coach models are presented.
  • It is the leading fair in Spain and Portugal for the sale of services, materials and components for bus fleets,
  • as well as hosting the prestigious MINIBUS OF THE YEAR European award.
  • FIAA is a showcase for technological innovation in coaches, buses, bodywork, services and components.
  • FIAA covers three key market roles: marketing, innovation and knowledge.
  • FIAA is the showcase for a sector that is responsible for offering the best alternafives in medium and long-distance sustainable mobility.
  • At FIAA, companies in the sector will be able to showcase their commitment to the 2030 agenda by publicizing the investments they are making to ensure that the negafive impact of passenger transport is neutralized.
General view of the FIAA trade fair with buses and visitors.

Why visit FIAA?

  • FIAA is Europe's second largest trade fair. A great show that is easy to visit, close to your business, and requires little time and budget to attend. Very few countries in the world can enjoy something like this. Make the most of it!
  • At no other event can you access so much information and experience that is so essential to the future of your business.
  • It is the best and most convenient way to get an idea of the range of products, technology and services the market has to offer.
  • FIAA offers a complete overview of the market and its short and medium-term prospects.
    An opportunity to analyse one's own company from the outside and find tools for improving its activity.
  • The Show offers a large amount of information of interest that, in the best of cases, would take weeks or months to obtain from your company. 
  • Take advantage of the personal and direct contact, a perfect complement to the digital environment in which we already operate.
  • Find out about the mandatory directives on emissions o Discover the possibilities of committing your business to sustainability by taking on board the requirements of the 2030 agenda.
  • Get all the information you need to transform your company towards a non-polluting model.
  • In short, at FIAA many experiences are gathered and knowledge is acquired to be applied every day in the company.
Image Mini Bus of the Year logo.

What is the Mini Bus of the Year?

IFEMA MADRID and Autobuses & Autocares magazine, official representafive in Spain of the Internafional Bus & Coach of the Year Awards, aims to select the Minibus of the Year in Europe. This award is significant because it addresses a gap that existed unfil now on the European confinent, specifically in the category of minibuses, minibuses and midibuses for professional passenger transport.

We seek to recognize and highlight the achievements and advances, providing recognifion to the professional passenger transport in Europe.