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FIAA, the Internafional Bus and Coach Fair, organized by IFEMA, offered manufacturers, professionals and enthusiasts the opportunity to explore the latest advances, technologies and trends in the field of buses and coaches at the 2022 edifion.

FIAA visitors

Innovafion and knowledge center for the sector

The recent call received relevant insfitufional support, highlighfing the innovafive profile of the passenger transportafion industry. The proposals and solufions presented by the main firms of the sector reflected the vanguard and excellence that characterize this field.

FIAA visitors

Triumphant closing of the event with Technical Seminars and the Presfigious Minibus of the Year Awards Ceremony.

The trade show ended with a diverse program of Technical Conferences, leaving for the end, the delivery of the presfigious and innovafive Minibus of the Year Awards, recognifion of the effort in R & D of this important economic segment, and on this occasion, obtaining the award the Shaula model, of