Why exhibit?

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Art works sold
Feriarte corridor with visitors.

Why exhibit?

FERIARTE is the most complete sales, promotion and marketing tool for the antique and contemporary art market, as it can combine commercial and marketing actions with the best cost-effectiveness ratio to reach its customers quickly and directly.

Advantages of exhibiting at FERIARTE:

  • Commercial platform: More than 2,088 transactions made and pieces sold during the celebration of Feriarte 2019, in addition to the operations closed after the fair.
  • 17,132 visitors from a defined target group, suitable for your objectives.
  • Make your commercial and promotional activity dynamic with an action concentrated in 9 days
  • Sharing space with the best antique dealers and galleries in Spain opens the door to new business relationships that facilitate interactivity with the market and bring you new customers.
  • Put into operation all the tools that the fair provides to communicate your presence and your proposal of pieces for sale.
  • Make your customers loyal by inviting them to visit you and get new customers who do not yet know you, expand your contacts and take advantage of the opportunity to resume communication with old customers. 
  • Great media coverage that provides media notoriety.