Promote your brand

IFEMA MADRID is the top operator in Spain and one of the most important in Europe within the international fair and congress industry circuit. Thanks to our activity, IFEMA MADRID has become a preferred partner to make an impact on millions of qualified users.

  • Impact a highly qualified target
  • Generate traffic to your stand
  • Promote your products
  • Drive your brand’s image

Display advertising

Branded Content

Advertising solutions based on branded content are based on the generation of content linked to a brand, allowing that brand to connect with the consumer.

We help companies convey values, emotions, manners of thinking and elements, perhaps less tangible, but that, with  proper storytelling, may be able to produce that connection. 

We incorporate CTA and event and user interaction measurements.

Social media

Includes posts about your brand on social media covering IFEMA events, so you can reach the most qualified audience, one that already follows us and is interested in the content we offer. Check the packs available and choose the one that best suits your company.


Includes display advertising in IFEMA newsletters. Check available formats and advertise in the newsletter for the event that best suits your product. We have extensive highly qualified databases to help you make a major impact, both domestically and internationally.

LIVE Connect

We are launching LIVE Connect, a powerful digital platform that allows you to launch fairs virtually with the following functionalities:

  • Enrich and nurture your network of professional sales contacts from all over the world.
  • Contact, video-calls, live chat, eB2B,... with thousands of new potential customers.
  • Present and learn about the full range of products, solutions, services and new developments in the sector. 
  • Attend countless sessions, demonstrations, conferences, congresses, debates on specific market themes and product categories. 
  • Organise sessions, upload videos, demonstrations, product and service datasheets.

By promoting yourself on Live Connect your company will achieve thousands of impacts and brand awareness in the most qualified audiences and public, making an impact with advertising packages designed to meet your business needs, with a clear objective, to get more customers and promote your brand.