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• In this edition, curated programs with special interest in photography and new ways of understanding the creative role of the artist in front of his work are enhanced. • Continuing with the impulse of previous editions and thanks to the collaboration of Ifema, the programs of collectors and professionals of the art market, both national and international, are increased. • Daniel Canogar, guest artist this year, will install his latest digital work made specifically to be presented at the fair.

24 Jul 2019

The XXVII edition will be held between October 17 and 20 at IFEMA


Madrid, July 11, 2019.- The Advisory Board of the ESTAMPA FAIR has announced the list of admitted galleries that will be part of this edition of Estampa, both within the General Program and the curated programs. What about photography? and The awareness of things. In this edition, which will be held for the second year at the Ifema fairgrounds, the level not only of participation but of quality of the galleries and projects presented is consolidated and increased.

According to the vocation of the fair to be the reference of Spanish gallerism and collecting, the General Program makes up the main galleries in the country, among which we could mention as an example such prominent names as, Juana de Aizpuru (Madrid), Elba Benítez (Madrid), Carreras Múgica (Bilbao), Moisés Pérez de Albéniz (Madrid), Máx Estrella (Madrid), Marta Cervera (Madrid), Fernando Pradilla (Madrid), Miguel Marcos (Barcelona), Pilar Serra (Madrid), Leyendecker (Tenerife), Alvaro Alcazar (Madrid), ArtNueve (Murcia), Rafael Pérez Hernando (Madrid), Fran Reus (Palma de Mallorca), Twin Gallery (Madrid) or Yusto / Giner (Málaga).

In the program, what about photography? gathered by the curator Alicia Ventura eight galleries participate, ADN (Barcelona), Alarcón Criado (Sevilla), Aural (Alicante), Liquid Space (Gijón), Ponce + Robles (Madrid), Senda (Barcelona), Silvestre (Madrid) and ValidFoto (Barcelona). Likewise, the gallery program curated by Ángel Calvo Ulloa with the title The conscience of things, is presented with the galleries Espacio Valverde (Madrid), José de la Fuente (Santander), Alarcón Criado (Seville), Nordés (Santiago de Compostela ), Rodríguez Gallery (Poznan), F2 (Madrid) and Rosa Santos (Valencia).

On the other hand, Daniel Canogar (Madrid, 1964), guest artist at Estampa 2019, has created a digital work specially designed to be installed and presented at the fair. Daniel Canogar, since 1993 focuses his research on new media and media - from the projection of light through fiber optic devices to the sculptural torsion of LED screens - to reveal an analysis of the changes that the technological impact has on our society, in the effects on the climate, the global economy and the different social behaviors that all this entails.

The fair, as in previous editions, will deliver several awards during the same. Specifically this year they will be the DKV prize, the Community of Madrid / Estampa prize, the Casa Velázquez scholarship, the Navacerrada Collection awards, the Campocerrado prize, the Kells Collection prize, the Jiménez Rivero Collection prize and the Best ESTAMPA 2019 Stand award.


6 + 1, Madrid

ATM, Gijón

Acervo, Lisboa

Aina Nowack / AAC Galería, Madrid

Alvaro Alcazar, Madrid

Ángeles Baños, Badajoz

Antonia Puyó, Zaragoza

Artika, Barcelona

Artizar, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Artnueve, Murcia

Aurora Vigil-Escalera, Gijón

Bernal Espacio Galería, Madrid

Blanca Berlín, Madrid

Carreras Múgica, Bilbao

Elba Benítez, Madrid

Espacio Primavera 9, Madrid

Fernando Pradilla, Madrid/Bogotá

Fran Reus, Palma de Mallorca

Galería Arancha Osoro, Gijón

Galería Marita Segovia, Madrid

Galeria Ansorena, Madrid

Galeria Rodrigo Juarranz, Aranda de Duero

Gema Llamazares, Gijón

Guillermina Caicoya, Oviedo

Herrero de Tejada, Madrid

Isabel Hurley, Málaga

Juan Risso, Madrid/ Cadaqués

Juana de Aizpuru, Madrid

Leyendecker, Tenerife

Lola & The Unicorn, Nueva York

Lucía Mendoza, Madrid

La Gran, Valladolid

Manuel Ojeda, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Marta Cervera, Madrid

Max Estrella, Madrid

MDA, Oslo

Miguel Marcos, Barcelona

Moisés Pérez de Albéniz, Madrid

My Name´s Lolita Art, Madrid

N2 Galería, Barcelona

Obra Gráfica Original, Madrid

PAC, Madrid

Pep Llabres, Palma de Mallorca

Pigment Gallery, Barcelona

Pilar Serra, Madrid

Presença, Oporto

Proyecto H, México DF/Madrid

Puxagallery, Madrid

Rafael Pérez Hernando, Madrid

Set Espai d'Art, Valencia

Shiras Galería, Valencia

Siboney, Santander

3 Punts Galeria, Barcelona

Twin Gallery, Madrid

Vanguardia, Bilbao

Victor Lope, Barcelona

Wadström Tönnheim Gallery, Málaga

Yusto Giner, Málaga


ADN, Barcelona

Alarcón Criado, Sevilla

Aural, Alicante

Espacio Líquido, Gijón

Ponce + Robles, Madrid

Senda, Barcelona

Silvestre, Madrid

Validfoto, Barcelona


Alarcón Criado, Sevilla

Espacio Valverde, Madrid

F2, Madrid

JosédelaFuente, Santander

Nordés, Santiago de Compostela

Rodríguez Gallery, Poznan

Rosa Santos, Valencia

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Iciar Martínez de Lecea | Press officer and Media Relations