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24 October 2023

C&R 23 to offer practical demonstrations and training as part Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Workshops

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C&R 2023 will be held from 14 to 17 November at IFEMA MADRID

In collaboration with AGREMIA, the Applied Air Conditioning Techniques Workshop (TAC WORKSHOP) will promote best practices in installation processes, with special a special focus on energy efficiency in thermal installations. Such practices form an essential part of the energy transition and are the main driver of energy savings in buildings in Spain. The Refrigeration Workshop, organised in collaboration with the Association of Refrigeration Companies and their Technologies (AEFYT), will offer six different practices every day, tackling a series of issues and techniques around the installation and assembly of refrigeration systems.

With the aim of promoting best practices in the field of installation, the training workshops TAC WORKSHOP and COOLING WORKSHOP will once again form a central part of the activities to be presented at the upcoming International Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Exhibition, C&R 2023, from 14 to 17 November at IFEMA MADRID.

The TAC Workshop, organised by the Association Installation and Energy Sector Companies (AGREMIA), will be based on the concept of energy efficiency in thermal installations, as an essential part of the energy transition and the main driver of energy savings in buildings in Spain.

This year, for the first time, will see the TAC Workshop space host a model industrialized home display, showing different construction systems and the integration of all types of home installations (wall heating and cooling systems, electricity, plumbing, sanitation, insulation, etc.). Visitors to the display can see all the features and countless advantages in terms of energy efficiency, time and effort in the construction and assembly phases of installations.

The TAC WORKSHOP will also host five 30-minute technical presentations on air conditioning and ventilation, heating and domestic hot water.

Under the heading Integration of Thermal Installations in Industrialised Housing, the first presentation will look at the unique features of installation and maintenance work for these new construction, how they differ from traditional construction and the working methods employed for seamless integration of installations while respecting the hermetic sealing of the constructions.

The second presentation will focus on Ventilation and Extraction With and Without Energy Recovery, explaining the compulsory regulation on these kinds of installations, the differences between those do and do not incorporate energy recovery and the need for all kinds of premises to ensure interior air quality without foregoing the energy efficiency of buildings.

The third session will look at Hybrid Aerothermal and Geothermal Heat Pump Systems with Photovoltaic Solar Energy, arguing, from a technical perspective, the advantages of these thermal systems including significant energy savings when combined with renewable energy sources.

The fourth presentation will be on the Automation of Thermal Installations: Remote Control, with an insight into the different remote control and automation systems for new thermal installations. Visitors will also have the chance to see a real time remote-control demonstration of a complex installation.

The final presentation will be on Handling and Working Methods for Non-Fluorinated Refrigerants. We’ll look at the differences that all installers or maintenance workers must be familiar with when it comes to working with non-fluorinated refrigerants, which are fast replacing their fluorinated equivalents and promise to become the only in town going forward.

Refrigeration Workshop

The Refrigeration Workshop, aimed squarely at refrigeration technicians and organised by the Association of Refrigeration Companies and their Technologies (AEFYT) in collaboration with the Cold and Air Conditioning Training Center of Moratalaz, will take a daily look at a series of questions around the installation and assembly of cooling systems


Over the course of the series, with a strong instructional approach, the Refrigeration workshop will develop six different practices, namely, assembly of a cold storage room; handling of refrigerants; a simulation of complete control of an electronic expansion valve; the glycol indirect refrigeration system; welding of plastic pipes; the propane refrigeration system with Waterloop; electronic controllers and electric control and manoeuvring boards for cold storage rooms and the EN12830 temperature sensor.