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Testo proposes digital tools for climate control systems

The pandemic has made us appreciate even more the importance of comfort and well-being at home. That is why more than ever, Testo considers it essential to offer the best services in installing and starting up home air conditioning systems, which is why they have decided to bring their customers the best in digital technology.

15 Jun 2021

Their cooling analysers are available in two versions: the testo 500 measures and calculates all the parameters of the system (reheating, subcooling, evaporation and condensation temperatures, etc.) and automatically switches to heat pump mode without changing hoses. The second version, the testo 557, performs all the testo 550 functions and also has 4 lines and the option of measuring vacuum by means of an external probe.

The testo Smart Probes Cooling Set is a set of small, easy-to-handle instruments that connect to the smartphone app. The set is made up of two clip-on thermometers to measure the temperatures in the ducts and determine the evaporation and condensation temperatures, as well as two high pressure manometers to measure system pressure. The app can configure the measuring and display the results. In addition, the app has special features to facilitate preparation of a report with the measured values, comments, and photos.

Measuring and detecting leaks

The testo 552 vacuum gauge is a high-precision, low-maintenance instrument for accurately measuring the vacuum. It also connects to the smartphone app for remote monitoring of readings and alarms for greater safety.

The testo 316-3 leak detector is a highly sensitive instrument for detecting nearly imperceptible coolant gas leaks, even in places already contaminated. The detector has a visual and acoustic alarm that activates gradually, indicating the level of leakage.

The testo 770-3 clip-on wattmeter is the ideal complement for the refrigeration technician. With its clip, it can measure many different parameters, including the electric current and power consumed by the facility.

For more information, go to https://www.testo.com/es-ES/promociones/refrigeracion-2021