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The Best Technologies for Removing Pathogens from Indoor Air

Each building or infrastructure requires a specific solution, so each case requires an analysis of the materials comprising elements such as the interior space, ventilation, air conditioning, regulation and control, and air treatment systems. The different tried and tested germicidal technologies on the market can be adapted to new and existing installations.

13 Jul 2021

Indoor air quality was always a concern, but recently it has become more critical than ever. Now, we can improve it further with the air conditioning and ventilation sector’s effective, tested, and approved solutions. These solutions were presented at the conference on Germicidal Technologies for Improving Indoor Air Quality, organised by the Association of Manufacturers of Air Conditioning Equipment AFEC and IAQ Cluster. At that meeting, air conditioning & ventilation experts presented different technologies that can eliminate or inactivate pathogens in the air around us.

These solutions are some of the wide range that the experts presented:

  • Purification solutions for fan coils. This technique uses a photo-catalytic effect by generating oxidising radicals that are potent biocides. The photo-catalytic radiation from a metal plate works in combination with direct action by UVGi ultraviolet radiation.
  • UVC, airflow treatment: membrane ceilings. This technique uses UVC lamps in membrane roofing to treat the air as it diffuses through a false ceiling, to provide a novel and innovative solution using a tried-and-tested, safe and mature technology.
  • Residential and commercial air purification equipment and solutions. New equipment for eliminating and inactivating potentially contaminating particles, Flash Streamer Technology, and absolute electrostatic filters.
  • Air conditioning equipment to clean and purify air. Using ultraviolet light, particle neutralisation with ions, photo-catalytic filters, and other techniques to prevent particle accumulation, and a diversity of filtering systems to retain the particles.
  • Effectiveness of plasma technology and application in all types of air conditioning units. A plasma-based active filter device that can be coupled to any air conditioning unit whether wall, duct or cassette.