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01 October 2021

The six main tracks for this year's C&R 2021 FORUM programme

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Organizada por IFEMA MADRID, C&R 2021 se celebrará del 16 al 19 de noviembre en el Recinto

Decarbonising buildings; The new features of the current and future RITE (Regulation of Thermal Installations in Buildings); Indoor air quality beyond the pandemic; Analysis of two major architecture and engineering projects; Training for the sector and how it should adapt to technological developments; and a two-session special-interest event on Refrigeration. These will be the main topics for this edition of C&R FORUM.

C&R 2021, the HVAC & Refrigeration Fair, in partnership with the Sector and Professional Associations that make up the Technical Commission of its Organizing Committee, has prepared a selection of key issues that will be the focus for FORUM C&R 2021’s programme of talks and discussions. This year it has a new format structured around six tracks of updated content that together will offer a space for sharing know-how and analysis of the sector today, in parallel with the trade stands.

In this context, we’ll be holding different sessions on important topics such as Decarbonising Buildings and, with 2030 on the horizon, will address issues of electrification of the renewable energy sector and refitting for energy efficiency. This track will be coordinated by ASHRAE Spain Chapter, with the participation of the Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy (IDAE) of Spain’s Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge; the Association of Manufacturers of Heat Generators and Emitters (FEGECA); the Association of HVAC Equipment Manufacturers (AFEC); the Catalan Association of Energy, HVAC and Refrigeration Technicians (ACTECIR) and the Spanish Association of Engineering and Installation Consulting Engineers (AEDICI).

C&R FORUM will also have a track to discuss the current RITE (Regulation of Thermal Installations in Buildings) and news about its upcoming replacement. This track will be coordinated by the Spanish Technical Association of HVAC and Refrigeration (ATECYR) with the participation of IDAE, AFEC, FEGECA, AEDICI, the Associació de Consultors d’Instal·lacions, ACI, and the National Confederation of Installers and Maintainers (CNI), covering a diversity of points of view, from the regulatory body itself to manufacturers, engineering companies, and installer-maintainers.

On the other hand, the Indoor Air Quality Beyond the Pandemic track will include sessions on different success stories in catering establishments, hotels and schools. This topic will be coordinated by AFEC with the participation of FEGECA, ATECYR, and ACI.

C&R FORUM will also have a two-session special-interest track on Refrigeration to discuss energy management, refrigerant and refrigeration fluids, disruptive technologies and market trends, among other issues. These sessions will be coordinated by the Association of Refrigeration Companies and Technologies (AEFYT), with the participation of ATECYR, the Association of Andalusian Refrigeration Manufacturers (AFAR), and the National Confederation of Associations of Plumbing, Gas, Heating, HVAC, Fire Protection, Electricity and Related Companies (CONAIF).

There will also be a specific track on Large Architecture and Engineering projects to address the situation of training as a critical enabling factor for sustainable employment and technological development, from different points of view that will cover digitalisation, trainer training, and investment. AEFYT and AFEC will coordinate this track in partnership with AFAR, CNI, and CONAIF.

There will also be hands-on training and talks at this edition of C&R. As in previous editions, we will have the Applied Techniques Workshop, Taller TAC, to promote innovation and good practices in workshops, and the Refrigeration Workshop for refrigeration technicians.