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12 May 2022

Keyter Intarcon collaborates on a university course on Cooling Systems

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The Escuela Politécnica Superior at the Universidad de Córdoba, in collaboration with businesses in the industrial and commercial cooling and HVAC industry Keyter Intarcon and the companies associated with AFAR (Association of Andalusian Cooling Manufacturers) are once again organizing the University Expert Course on HVAC Systems.

The University Expert Course on Cooling Systems #CESIR covers the fundamentals of cooling system design from a practical point of view: Thermodynamic fundamentals of compression-based cooling systems; Coolants, oils and secondary fluids; Cooling technology; Selection of cooling system components; Control systems applied to cooling; and Codes and standards on cooling systems.

The training activities comprise in-person sessions, virtual sessions, visits to real facilities, and practicums at companies in the cooling industry. The students' academic training is completed by preparing and defending a cooling project at the end of the course. This Expert's Degree, organized by the Escuela Politécnica Superior at the Universidad de Córdoba, is sponsored by major local companies in the industrial and commercial cooling business and HVAC business; ones associated with AFAR (Asociación Fabricantes Andaluces de equipos de Refrigeración, the Association of Andalusian Cooling Manufacturers), of which KEYTER, design and manufacture of HVAC equipment and INTARCON, design and HVAC of commercial and industrial cooling equipment, are two of its main proponents.

Collaborating on training

The training, which is now in its third edition, arose from the collaboration between the Universidad de Córdoba (UCO) and businesses in the province on R&D+i projects in the cooling industry, given its importance in this zone and the potential of R&D+i in cooling in various research groups at UCO. The University Expert Course on Cooling Systems is a clear adaptation of the supply to meet the demand for professionals in the industry and a real search for job opportunities for students enrolled in its different stages.