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12 February 2024

According to Ana María García from CONAIF, “installers are challenged with diversification.”

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In the following interview, Ana María García Gascó, Director General of CONAIF (National Confederation of Installers and Fluids Associations), explains that installers must diversify into new areas of activity to increase the size of their companies and improve competitiveness. Additionally, progress in the professionalisation of the sector is necessary.

How important is it to improve installation efficiency?

Decarbonising buildings is crucial. Well-maintained facilities and skilled professionals are necessary to achieve this. Improving installation efficiency reduces emissions and consumption, benefiting the environment and residents. Less consumption means more savings.

What other challenges will the installer industry face in 2024?

As installers, we face the challenge of diversifying into new areas to increase the competitiveness and size of our installation companies, as well as to professionalise the sector. Another challenge is the energy transition process we are in. This requires installation companies and qualified professionals. We are also facing the challenge of digitalisation. This is an unavoidable process if we are to face the future with confidence.

Are there other human resource and organisational challenges that the sector will face in the coming years in addition to these issues?

The most important is the lack of qualified personnel for our installation companies, and the adaptation of our companies to future normative and technical changes in the various technical regulations that are of concern to us.