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05 October 2021

C&R 2021’s Innovation Gallery Selects Eleven Innovative Products

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Organised by IFEMA MADRID, C&R 2021 will be held from 16th to 19th November at the IFEMA Exhibition Centre

State-of-the-art equipment and the use of natural refrigerants to boost efficiency and protect the environment; innovative materials, technologies and designs for easier equipment installation; tools for air quality monitoring systems for HVAC installations; and new solutions for providing heat and hot water all year in apartment buildings. These are just some of the proposals included in this edition.

Download photos of the C&R 2021 INNOVATION GALLERY

The Innovation Gallery at C&R 2021, the HVAC AND REFRIGERATION FAIR, has selected eleven units and solutions from all the entrants for this showcase of cutting-edge innovations. The winners will be announced during the Fair, from 16th to 19th November at the IFEMA MADRID Exhibition Centre.

The wide variety of entries for the Gallery at this edition include state-of-the-art equipment and the use of natural refrigerants to boost efficiency and protect the environment; innovative materials, technologies and designs for easier equipment installation; tools for air quality monitoring systems for HVAC installations, and new solutions for providing heat and hot water all year in apartment buildings.

Once again, based on the criteria established for selecting the winning products, the jury has assessed:  degree of innovation; energy efficiency; respect for the environment; quality; design and the use of renewable energy.

The Gallery aims to encourage innovation as a practical application of knowledge and technologies in industrial development and give wider visibility to innovations in the sector.

Selected products:

Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration

Company:  INTARCON, stand 8C01 

Product: Ammolite

Ammolite is a range of glycol chiller plants. Their innovative feature is the use of ammonia refrigerant with low power load technology. The range consists of six models of chiller plants from 250 to 700kW. They are optimised for producing glycol water at -8°C to -25°C, using a very compact design that integrates the refrigeration compressor, the evaporator and the dry air condenser without the need for water. It incorporates the latest generation equipment and is designed for low-temperature industrial refrigeration applications, such as cold rooms or process refrigeration, where energy efficiency is a crucial criterion when choosing the system.

Product: Waterloop Evaporator

INTARCON’s waterloop refrigeration units for commercial refrigeration are a split type system for refrigerating cold rooms, using only water pipes to connect the units. The range consists of several medium and low-temperature indoor units from 1 to 5kW cooling capacity, using R290 natural refrigerant. They integrate the refrigeration compressor and a plate condenser for water loop operation in a compact design. There is an electrical power and control panel to complete the range and a series of dry-coolers for outdoor installation with a built-in hydraulic group for water circulation in a condensation loop with the indoor unit.

Company:  Tewis Smart Systems S.L.U, stand 8C02

Product: Conveni-pack CO2

Conveni-pack CO2 is a compact medium-temperature refrigeration and HVAC system with heat recovery function in a small space and low noise level, using natural CO2 as the only refrigerant. These units are suitable for a wide range of installations, even indoors, as their condenser fan delivers a pressure of up to 78Pa. Their modular design provides optimum flexibility for installation to adapt to the requirements of each project. With their heat recovery potential, optimised controls, and state-of-the-art compressor technology, Conveni-pack CO2’s annual energy consumption is as low as half that of other manufacturers’ solutions.

Company:  Frost-trol, stand 8C06

Product: FREE Frost Energy Tech

This innovation works by integrating a heat transfer fluid inside a refrigerated cabinet with phase change to allow a fully autonomous operation, keeping perishable food cold without being plugged in. Frost-trol researches ways to optimise the performance of its cabinets and add new features not available from other manufacturers using thermal accumulation with a fluid composed of PCM (Phase Change Material) sampling and optimisation of all the heat transfer mechanisms that work together during a cabinet’s operation. As the materials change from solid to liquid and back, they absorb or release a large amount of thermal energy by accumulating energy in the form of latent heat of fusion. This feature makes them especially appropriate for preserving perishable produce in refrigerated supermarket cabinets.

Heating and Sanitary Hot Water

Company: ABN PIPE SYSTEMS, stand 6C14


ABN//INSTAL CT FLEX RD flexible pipe is made of multi-layer PPR CT RP polypropylene plus elastic compound. Its benefits for the installation professional include the ability to do a complete installation using a single material such as polypropylene, both in large diameters (up to 500 mm) and small diameters (20 mm). Its great flexibility also makes it very easy to handle. Its multi-layer system avoids the need for fittings and makes for longer-lasting installations.

Company:  DAIKIN AC SPAIN, stand 10D02

DAIKIN ALTHERMA 3 WS (WaterSource), the next generation

System for apartment buildings based on multi-service water/water heat pumps with Inverter continuous regulation working within a heat loop. It provides heating in winter, cooling in summer and domestic hot water throughout the year in apartment buildings. Daikin Altherma units are particularly suitable for homes with variable energy demand thanks to their high partialisation capacity and the possibility of easily integrating them with all types of renewable energy in the water loop. For this type of housing with near-zero energy consumption, centralised or semi-centralised solutions are an appropriate alternative as each user enjoys the benefits of an individual installation such as flexible operation and use, but still being able to recover energy globally when some homes require cooling, and others need DHW. It can also integrate different systems and use renewable energy sources (including geothermal, solar thermal and photovoltaic, and aerothermal) to maintain the water loop within an optimum temperature range over which the water-water heat pumps dissipate or draw energy, significantly increasing the overall performance of the shared installation, reducing operating costs.

HVAC and Ventilation

Company:  DAIKIN AC SPAIN, stand 10D02

Product: VRV-5 Heat Recovery with R32

VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) is a direct expansion system whose main advantage for the end user and the installer is that it allows multiple indoor units to be connected together, all completely independent of each other, for a system with maximum flexibility. Thanks to advanced technologies such as inverter regulation of the compressor and fans, Variable Refrigerant Temperature, and the built-in control system, it automatically achieves maximum efficiency and comfort without the need for complicated start-ups. This ensures lower operating costs for users by massively increasing energy efficiency at both nominal and partial loads. For the prescriber, the VRV solution allows a design based on flexibility, zoning, energy saving and quietness, the most relevant specifications in any HVAC project. Flexibility is achieved by operating and regulating each unit completely independently.

Product: Purification Module for Duct Units

This new DAIKIN module offers a system for ensuring air quality in an HVAC installation using ionisation technology that can be fully integrated with residential and commercial duct units. The purification technology used is based on the ionisation of air components and VOCs. Air ionisation occurs when an atom gains or loses electrons, giving it a positive or negative charge. The electrical configurations of ions in the air formed this way include H+, H3O+, O+, N+, OH-, H2O-and O2-. Such ionised molecules act as condensation nuclei for small particles that, when agglutinated, grow and increase their mass. This causes them to precipitate more readily so they can be captured by coarser filters.

Company:  Hiplus HVAC, stand SL 10D10

Product: miniKr3Bi

The miniKr3B family consists of four models in two sizes. The format has front fans to allow maximum versatility in compact units that produce HVAC and DHW with a cooling capacity in a range from 17.7 to 36.0 kW and heating capacity from 20.4 to 38.4 kW. They have an A+ energy rating under Delegated Regulation (EU) 811/2013.

Empresa: Panasonic, stand 10D01

Producto: Bomba de calor aire-aire-agua Aquarea Hibrida y nanoeTM X


This domestic HVAC system is a hybrid air-water and air-air heat pump with patented nanoeTM X air quality improvement technology. nanoeTM X is certified to inhibit the SARS-COV-2 coronavirus. The system is highly efficient because, in warm weather, it cools the house by removing heat and reusing it to provide domestic hot water for free. So, it produces domestic hot water in the summer without increasing energy consumption beyond that needed to cool the house. The unit uses R32 refrigerant fluid to recover heat by cooling the air and producing DHW simultaneously with SCOP better than 6 during heat recovery.

Regulation, Control and Centralised Technical Management

Company:  Eliwell Ibérica S.A, stand 8C02

Product: Memory NT

Memory NT is an EN12830:2018 compliant temperature data logger with wireless connectivity and independent logging of remote digital sensors. A single device can record temperature readings for refrigerated, frozen, and deep-freeze cabinets with remote digital probes and individual logging to display and record from 1 to 8 temperatures. With its built-in wireless connectivity and free web interface, users can view real-time data, access historical records and receive alerts by email or Telegram.