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16 October 2023

The C&R 2023 Innovation Gallery showcases the most recent advancements in air conditioning and refrigeration through the curation of 20 pioneering products.

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The fair, organised by IFEMA MADRID, will be held from 14 to 17 November at the IFEMA MADRID Exhibition Centre.

The selected products are a clear reflection of the main trends and the evolution of the products and systems that are designed, manufactured and installed in new air conditioning and refrigeration installations.

The AIR CONDITIONING AND REFRIGERATION Innovation Gallery, C&R 2023, has chosen 20 equipment and solution proposals to feature in the upcoming exhibition. These cutting-edge pieces will be unveiled and displayed at the IFEMA MADRID Recinto Ferial from 14 to 17 November 2023, organised by IFEMA MADRID. The chosen products are a clear representation of the principal tendencies and evolution of the merchandise and systems created, produced and fitted in modern air conditioning and refrigeration installations.

In line with the established selection criteria, the panel evaluated the level of innovation, energy efficiency, environmental consciousness, quality, design, and utilisation of sustainable energy in the presented submissions. There will be a product selection from the following sectors present at the fair: industrial and commercial refrigeration; heating and domestic hot water; air conditioning and ventilation; regulation, control and centralised technical management.

The examination of the features of the products that have been awarded demonstrates certain tendencies that the industry is adopting to comply with Technical Regulations and European Directives. These include:

Energy efficiency is evident in the widespread implementation of inverter compressors, fans with variable speeds or electronic switching, and specialised control systems that optimise equipment operation.

Environmental protection is evident as many manufacturers are now using compressors that run on R 290 (propane) refrigerant with a Global Warming Potential of 3, the use of gas leak detection systems, etc.

The use of renewable energy sources, such as aerothermal energy, captures the thermal energy from the surrounding air, and results in the energy efficiency of equipment being greater.

The widespread implementation of heat pumps within compact units has significantly contributed to the decarbonisation of infrastructure through the production of cooling, heating, and domestic hot water. Additionally, these units have broadened their temperature range efficiency.

Sustainability can be achieved by using materials with a low carbon footprint throughout their production and recycling process at the end of the product's life cycle.

The Gallery aims to promote innovation through the practical application of knowledge and technologies in industrial development while providing extensive visibility to new developments within the sector.

They are part of the C&R 2023 Innovation Gallery: PBM4-i aerothermal heat pumps from Baxi Climatización; the Small Full Inverter EWYT-CZ R-32 and the VRV-5 Heat Pumps with R32 system, both from Daikin Spain; the Heat on Demand R290 range of equipment for simultaneous production of heating and cooling, from Intarcon; the device for boiler rooms in buildings with centralised heating systems, Sophia from Ista Metering Services España; and the Ziran Pro range of high-efficiency air-to-water heat pumps from Keyter Intarcon Operations. The full energy solution includes the Therma V R290 Monobloc and ESS Home from LG; the portable Mediterraneo monobloc heat pump from Masam; the ECOi-W AQUA-G Blue reversible air-to-water heat pump and the Aquarea High Performance Generation L multitasking heat pump residential air conditioning system, both from Panasonic España; the Energy Recovery PX G1300 pressure exchanger device from Refricomp Ingeniería; and the recently released Samsung WindFree™ Elite range of wall units from Samsung Electronics Iberia;  the SEC HD electric expansion valve controller manufactured by Sanhua International Europe; the SC|ECOINNOVA sustainable insulation air conditioning system developed by Servicio de Climatización (Servoclima), as well as the Compacto6 all-in-one unit and the TD EVO PF Ecowa in-line helicocentrifugal fans, both produced by Soler & Palau; GOLD RX ventilation units, manufactured by Swegon Indoor Climate SAU, are comprised of Magnelis XCarb® RRP steel. For refrigeration, Tewis Smart Systems offer ZEAS CO2 condensing units; Thermokey SPA presents the Multi System Dual Flow, featuring microchannel technology within two closed circuits; Trox España provides Schoolair S-HV / Schoolair V-HV decentralised ventilation units for schools.

Product selection:

Company: Baxi Climatización, stand 9D06

Product: PBM4-i

This is a range of 20 to 30 kW monobloc aerothermal heat pumps for heating, cooling, and producing domestic hot water that can achieve production temperatures of up to 80ºC. The equipment uses R290 and can adapt to the installation requirements consistently, with a modulation range of 13% to 100% of its power.

Company: Daikin Spain, stand 9C01

Product: Heat Pumps Small Full Inverter EWYT-CZ R-32

This range of R-32 heat pumps can produce hot water up to 60ºC. With the latest accessories that expand the heat functionality of this series, it is now possible to combine it with Altherma units to achieve temperatures of up to 70ºC. The accessory can operate in hybrid mode with one or more boilers, using the existing system and providing versatility in installation. The units can generate hot water up to 60°C and cold water with low temperatures down to -15°C without the need for extras.

Company: Daikin Spain, stand 9C01

Product: VRV-5 Heat Pump with R32

Daikin has upgraded its VRV-4 system series to the VRV-5, which includes the main new feature of using R-32 refrigerant. This results in a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of only 675. In 2022, the VRV-5 range with Heat Recovery was launched, and in C&R 2023 the high-power VRV-5 Heat Pump model was presented for the first time. This model completes the VRV range with R-32 refrigerant. Furthermore, the equipment features a sophisticated leak detection system that has been fully integrated at the production stage.

Company: Intarcon, stand 7D02

Product: Heat on Demand R290

It comprises a collection of machinery able to cool and heat simultaneously. The equipment uses semi-hermetic R290 compressors and welded plate heat exchangers, equipped with frequency converters to reduce refrigerant charge. Its intended market comprises of agri-food applications that require simultaneous fulfilment of both heating and cooling systems. Its intended market comprises of agri-food applications that require simultaneous fulfilment of both heating and cooling systems. The objective is to reduce the consumption of natural gas and other fossil fuels that feed hot water boilers.

Company: Ista Metering Services España, stand 5D03

Product: Sophia: new intelligence in central heating

This device is installed in the boiler rooms of buildings with centralised heating systems. It is equipped with a software application that enables efficient and automatic management of the thermal installation. The device provides necessary smart thinking to ensure optimal performance. It always connected to the AEMET weather forecast and can be operated remotely by a group of energy management systems. The software can be integrated into various programmable controllers without relying on servers from the manufacturers or licensed software requiring periodic updates.

Company: Keyter Intarcon Operations, stand 7D02, 7E04.

Product: Ziran Pro

This range features highly efficient air-to-water heat pumps, boasting quiet operation and a compact design purpose-built for commercial and industrial use. The device provides extraordinary adaptability across a variety of settings thanks to its broad operational scope and is entirely optimised for use with R290 natural refrigerant: propane.

Company: LG, stand 9C08

Product: Therma V R290 Monobloc and ESS Home

This combination offers a comprehensive energy solution for a more sustainable home. It provides efficient heating, cooling, and hot water usage, along with simple energy management, from storage to use and conservation. The heat pump operates by drawing 80% of its energy from the surrounding air. Additionally, it uses R290 refrigerant gas.

Company: Masam, stand 9A05

Product: Heat Pump Mediterráneo

Mediterráneo is a portable, self-contained heat pump that can air condition any space without requiring installation. It is suitable for enclosed terraces, hospital and other government service tents, marquees, temporary shelters, trade fairs and exhibitions, and other mobile, temporary or nonaccessible premises where fixed installation work is not possible. The prototype is designed for three refrigerants: R410A (2088 GWP), R454B (466 GWP), and R290 (3 GWP).

Company: Panasonic España, stand 9C02

Product: Aquarea High Performance multitasking heat pump generation L

The residential air conditioning system uses the natural refrigerant R290 to provide cooling, heating and domestic hot water. It is an air-water-water system that features a 100% hydronic hydraulic module and includes a 185-litre hot water tank. It is the inaugural all-in-one hot water tank with an impressed current cathodic anticorrosion system.

Company: Panasonic España, stand 9C02

Product: ECOi-W AQUA-G Blue

ECOi-W AQUA-G Blue is a sustainable, highly efficient, and reversible air-to-water heat pump, perfect for large commercial, industrial, or residential uses. It can produce both cold and hot water for air conditioning and domestic use. In addition to its low power consumption, this unit uses R290 as the refrigerant fluid.

Company:  Refricomp Ingeniería, stand 7D05

Product: Energy Recovery PX G1300

It is an innovative pressure exchanger gadget created to elevate the performance of CO2-based commercial and industrial refrigeration systems to new heights. Specifically, it can boost the energy efficiency of CO2-based commercial refrigeration systems by over 25% within the temperature range of 35-40°C and by more than 30% above 40°C.

Company: Samsung Electronics Iberia, stand 9C07

Product: Samsung WindFree™ Elite (Model: AR**CXCAAWKNEU).

The newest member of Samsung's WindFree™ collection comprises the WindFree™ Elite wall units, intended for both 1x1 and multi-split residential installations. These units implement cutting-edge technologies to offer maximal levels of both comfort and efficiency to their users. WindFree™ units distribute air evenly and gently through thousands of microorifices in the blade, generating a "still air" state and preventing any cold draughts through the area.

Company: Sanhua International Europe, stand 7E22

Product: SEC HD

The SEC HD - Heavy duty series electric expansion valve controller allows for cooling at 30% faster speed and boasts 15% energy savings. The high-water resistance, low temperature resistance, and precise overheating control of the new product renders it an ideal solution for boosting efficiency and system control within the refrigeration industry.

Company: Servicio de Climatización (Servoclima), stand 9F08


It is an environmentally friendly air conditioning unit, designed to ensure high energy efficiency and reduce its impact on the environment. The product’s production process uses a significant number of recycled materials, reaching up to 80%. This not only aids in the preservation of natural resources but also limits waste during its end-of-life phase. The CDTI-E.P.E. has provided funding for the development of this line of air conditioning units. The CDTI-E.P.E. is a public business entity under the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. During product development, the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya conducted thermal tests in their laboratories.

Company: Soler & Palau, stand 9C04

Product: Compactos

It is a compact, all-in-one unit for low-energy buildings, which also includes ventilation. The product offers air sanitisation with highly efficient filtration against fine dust and a significant decrease in the bacterial load. CMV, with thermodynamic heat recovery and high-efficiency air filtration. Heating and cooling through an air-to-water heat pump equipped with adaptive control, tailored to meet the needs of low-energy buildings. Humidity control, with room humidity level management. Domestic hot water is efficiently produced using a heat pump.

Company: Soler & Palau, stand 9C04

Product: TD EVO PF Ecowa

Low-profile helicocentrifugal fans designed for circular ducting and made from 85% recycled plastics. The propeller and silent block are encased in pure, reinforced plastic to ensure optimal performance. The fan motor body can be easily removed without having to adjust the ducts.

Company: Swegon Indoor Climate SAU, stand 9D14.

Product: GOLD RX made of Magnelis XCarb® RRP steel (recycled and renewably produced)

These units are specifically designed for convenient air circulation and offer exceptional energy efficiency. Swegon is introducing gradually Magnelis XCarb® RRP, which is made from recycled and renewably produced materials, into their production of GOLD Air Handling Units. XCarb® RRP is primarily manufactured from recycled steel and uses 100% renewable energy during the production process.

Company: Tewis Smart Systems, stand 7D01

Product: ZEAS CO2

These refrigeration condensing units are a suitable solution for all refrigeration and freezing appliances with variable load conditions and high energy efficiency requirements. It uses the BLDC Inverter swing compressor with 2-stage technology and intercooler; and generates less CO2 emissions thanks to the natural refrigerant (CO2) and low energy consumption. As a result, it has a high energy saving potential.

Company: Thermokey SPA, stand 7E09.

Product: Multi System Dual Flow

The MSDF system uses two closed circuits with microchannel technology. A secondary refrigerant is introduced in some tube circuits, thanks to the material's high level of conductivity. It improves the performance of the heat exchangers and, concurrently, makes available a warm source of thermal energy useful for defrosting, heating and hot water.

Company:  Trox España, stand 9B03.

Product: Schoolair S-HV / Schoolair V-HV

The decentralised SCHOOLAIR ventilation units guarantee optimal air flow without the need for major construction work for installation. It is as simple as putting the unit on the exterior of the building and making openings to the outside for taking in air and allowing it to flow out. Thanks to the integrated CO2 probe, it allows on-demand ventilation control in classrooms, indoor spaces, conferences and meeting rooms.