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11 January 2024

Frigicoll showcases Midea air conditioning solutions at C&R 2023

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Frigicoll, the exclusive distributor of Midea air-conditioning solutions in Spain and France and the Midea range of household appliances in Spain, presented the company's range of residential and industrial air-conditioning solutions at C&R 2023.

The company’s stand attracted plenty of attention at the trade fair with an eye-catching display. Midea exhibited its latest efficient offerings, developed in line with the manufacturer's vision of a portfolio of solutions offering elite levels performance for maximum comfort for its users while remaining respectful of the environment throughout the life cycle.

Residential air conditioning

The highlight of the residential air-conditioning solutions was Midea ESS, an energy storage unit. As a global manufacturer of solutions for the home, Midea also presented the new range of inverters and batteries for photovoltaic energy that allow for the storage excess solar energy. Another newly developed product on display was the Aertoermia M Thermal R290. These new products showcase Midea's commitment to the environment. By using R290, a high purity propane with a zero ODP (Atmospheric Ozone Destruction Potential) value, it is not harmful to the planet.

Midea also launched the new CirQHP system, a heat recovery technology that can recycle heat from the outdoor unit to heat the water tank. This makes it possible to obtain domestic hot water at no cost in summer. The energy flows in a circle through the circuit of the installation. A Midea innovation whose technology allows full heat recovery in the domestic environment and offers a complete solution for every time of year from cooling to heating and domestic hot water supply.