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10 April 2024

FEGECA highlights the energy efficiency of radiant floor cooling

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Among efficient air-conditioning systems, Borja Ramos, from FEGECA, highlights radiant floor cooling. "It has the largest exchange surface area, which allows it to operate with a lower operating temperature differential, thus achieving high efficiency." This feature "makes it especially compatible with heat pump equipment, further enhancing the energy efficiency of an already highly efficient system".

Borja Ramos Mañero, member of the Radiant Floor Committee of FEGECA (Association of Manufacturers of Heat Generators and Emitters), explains that underfloor cooling makes it possible to extend the operating temperature range of the heat pump, which is a significant advantage compared to other systems. "This is because radiant floors do not require excessively high temperatures for heating and cooling. Normally, they are kept in a range of some 35-40° Celsius for heating and about 15° for cooling."

This range lets the outdoor temperature limit be expanded, overcoming a handicap of this system. "This more moderate temperature helps to reduce the frequency of defrost cycles, thus optimising their operation and prolonging their service life, as well as significantly improving the primary energy certification of buildings".

Thermal stability

An important feature, which often goes unnoticed, is the thermal inertia inherent to radiant floor cooling, providing greater thermal stability to the home. "This property makes it possible to regulate and maintain a more constant temperature over time, thus providing a more comfortable and stable environment, maximising the energy efficiency of the production system, whatever it is."

According to Ramos, "radiant floor cooling is the system that best adapts to the air conditioning demand curve, so the feeling of comfort is maximum as the user does not perceive sudden changes in temperature in their home. It also eliminates draughts, providing a more pleasant environment."