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10 May 2024

Dries Laheye (Tewis): “For Daikin the development of its cold chain business is a strategic priority”

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The new managing director of Tewis has accepted Daikin's challenge to take the company to the top of the national and European refrigeration sector as part of Daikin’s cold chain business.

What are the main goals?

For Daikin the development of its cold chain business is a strategic priority. Tewis is one of the businesses with the greatest potential to keep developing and expanding the cold chain business within the Daikin group. The main aim is to enhance Tewis' strengths: technological innovation, research, top quality, natural solutions, environmental commitment, etc.  All this is related to our aim of further expansion in the Spanish and Portuguese market, and in other countries within the focus and priorities of Daikin's refrigeration lines of development.

What management model will be implemented in Tewis?

The Daikin group holds the firm belief that people are the main asset in a company and that growth is the sum of the development of each employee. Tewis has many talented, experienced people who are highly motivated. Under my leadership, I will focus on the growth of each colleague as a cornerstone for the growth of Tewis. It is important that we all continue to challenge ourselves to reach the next level.

From April, the fusion of Tewis with Zanotti Smart is a reality. What are the advantages?         

To be competitive, it is important to work closely with the entire value chain. Thanks to the fusion, there will be closer collaboration between the factory and other areas, such as product development, sales, after-sales, etc. We must pursue the combination of technological innovation with maximum management efficiency. This is the formula for success: becoming a single entity in order to be stronger with a clear strategic direction. My role is to make this happen, to become a single team, behind a brand, a product.