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08 January 2013

Energy efficiency takes centre stage at the 6th Climatización Innovation Gallery

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Six products have been selected for the gallery, which showcases the most innovative products presented by companies exhibiting at the CLIMATIZACIÓN trade fair, held from 26 February to 1 March 2013

Heat pumps, all-in-one solutions and energy saving devices are at the heart of the gallery

Energy efficiency will take centre stage at the 6th Innovation Gallery, a promotional and informative space at CLIMATIZACIÓN, the International Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation and Refrigeration Trade Fair taking place at FERIA DE MADRID from 26 February to 1 March 2013.

The Innovation Gallery is a space that promotes and provides information on the most innovative products shown at the trade fair by exhibitors. It thus also recognises their research and development work, which is so vital to the sector.

Six products have been selected for the gallery this year, each of which brings significant developments in areas such as sustainability, well-being and energy efficiency.

Precision, faster response times and efficiency in heating. All these are benefits that come with CIAT's new Space Inverter Roof, a reversible air-to-air heat pump for rooftop installation. One key feature is the autonomy of the rooftop system, which includes variable speed radial propulsion and return fans. Further benefits include low noise levels, high quality interior air and filtration with limited pressure loss.

DAIKIN will be exhibiting the latest generation of its VRV IV series, which sets a new benchmark for efficiency by incorporating a number of revolutionary features including: Variable Refrigerant Temperature (VRT) and continuous heat pump heating to warm the interior environment during defrosting cycles, while the system can be personalised using a graphic interface.

Meanwhile, INTARCON will be exhibiting its Tri-central cooling system, which has been developed by this company to allow direct air expansion with simultaneous cooling to be used for freezing, refrigeration and climate control, as well as heat recovery. This is the first commercial product to combine in a single system cooling at three different temperatures to cater for the thermal needs of a medium-size supermarket.

ORKLI will exhibit a patented under-floor heating system for shopping centres. The system uses heat emitted by fridges at the centre itself, thus providing heating without any need for further energy sources. The system is quieter and also more comfortable for users.

Rocool 600, a digital gauge used to inject, maintain and record cooling gases, will be exhibited by ROTHENBERGER. The device can be used for all measurements required for cooling systems and heat pumps, measuring suction/discharge and temperature, as well as storing data for more than 70 cooling gases. It features an ergonomic design and comes with level indicators and a modular updating system.

Finally, the Innovation Gallery will also be hosting SWEGON's first all-in-one HVAC system for air conditioning, heating, cooling and hot water, named Tellus. This single system provides users with everything they need and reduces the energy required by the building to a minimum, thanks to on-demand ventilation and SHW production (temperature and flow). It also provides excellent comfort and energy efficiency.

Climatización 2013, an international leader in innovation and design

At this 15th edition, CLIMATIZACIÓN 2013 will again be exhibiting the most cutting-edge trends and innovations in the design and technology of refrigeration, heating, air-conditioning and general climate control systems. Thus, the trade fair, organised by IFEMA and sponsored by the Air Conditioning Equipment Manufacturers Association (AFEC), has become one of the leading international events in the sector and a top platform for promoting business proposals and networking. All this at a trade fair that puts the spotlight on technological advances, investment in R&D and innovation, energy efficiency and respect for the environment.

For the second consecutive year CLIMATIZACIÓN will host the TAC Applied Techniques Workshop, providing training and practical demonstrations for installers. Furthermore, all the key issues in the sector will again be discussed at FOROCLIMA, bringing together experts, companies, institutions and trade professionals.

One new aspect this year will be the Outstanding Applications Hall, aimed mainly at engineers, which includes a program of presentations prompted by suggestions submitted by exhibitors, discussing actual case studies of critical HVAC installations and how engineers can solve practical problems.

CLIMATIZACION will be held this year in conjunction with GENERA, the International Energy and Environment Trade Fair, held from 26 to 28 February. Both events will focus particularly on energy efficiency, providing trade visitors with an exhaustive overview of developments in their respective sectors.