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27 February 2019

The 2019 C&R International HVAC&R Trade Fair is the biggest yet

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The trade fair will reflect how business is booming in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration sectors, offering a comprehensive platform encompassing innovations from around 700 companies from 13 different countries, with 375 participating directly

Content will also include the Innovation Gallery and the C&R FORUM Programme of Technical Seminars, as well as training activities and workshops on air conditioning and refrigeration

Organised by IFEMA, the event will take place from 26 February to 1 March at Feria de Madrid

C&R 2019, taking place from 26 February to 1 March at Feria de Madrid, will be one the strongest and most representative years for the International HVAC&R Trade Fair. With more exhibitors, more new features and more content, the most eagerly awaited professional event will showcase market innovations and offer an overview of industry progress and trends.

The trade fair, organised by IFEMA, will testify to the current success and dynamism in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration sectors. The platform will provide the most comprehensive representation yet, gathering together some 700 companies - 375 of them participating directly - in an exhibition area of some 29,703 m2, an increase of 3 por ciento and 22.6 por ciento, respectively, in relation to the last trade fair. The companies participating in C&R include leading brands and major multinationals specialising in the trade fair’s three main segments. In the international arena, the trade fair will welcome companies from Germany, Armenia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, China, Colombia, Republic of Korea, Denmark, Slovenia, United States, Finland and France.

C&R will also offer an overview of interesting new developments at all stands and in all sectors, with particular focus on technological innovation applied to the optimisation and monitoring of installations, equipment design and new coolants, as well as topics such as comfort, reduction of energy expenditure and care for the environment.

One of the spotlights will be on advanced solutions in next-generation high-efficiency connected air conditioning with sustainable heat pumps, such as those incorporating R32 refrigerants and aerothermal technology, which are able to meet household needs for heating in winter, cooling in summer and hot water throughout the year, and bio air conditioners, which use only electrical energy and water to cool the air, without the need for chemical coolants.

This extensive showcase will include: solutions for controlling air conditioning, cooling and humidifying; new developments in smart heating for both homes and the hospitality sector; new designs for radiators, as well as domestic heat recovery units, air curtains, fan coil units, fan heaters and radiant panels for industry; air treatment products; portable gas measurement instruments; innovative vertical accumulator tanks for producing domestic hot water, ready for connection to all types of biomass heaters; and efficient fixtures and fittings for supermarkets using natural refrigerants and refrigerated display units for fresh and frozen products.

Innovation Gallery

Most of the innovations included in this section of the trade fair were selected by a panel of experts and the Innovation Gallery will, as always, offer a sample of the main areas of progress in R&D&I in the sector.

On this occasion, the Gallery will feature 18 cutting edge products and solutions, including the Testo 300 Longlife Flue Gas Analyser, Panasonic’s CO2 condensing unit and hybrid VRF system, Mitsubishi Electric’s S-NEXT precision unit and HVRF Y-Series heat pump system; Grupo Disco’s Geko 2.0 cooling unit and SZXT transcritical CO2 unit, Aero Textile Concept’s Surface B. A. ceiling diffuser, GREE Products’ GREE GMV5 variable volume photovoltaic system and Tewis’ FULL cold-clime GM pack compact solution.

The Gallery will also include: the Galistea range of dehumidifier systems, the kiconex monitoring and remote control system for installations, and the variable-flow R290 chiller from Keyter - Itarcon; the innovative B MaxiPro press fittings system from Conex Bänninger; the ALB radiant air conditioning system from ALB; the new Altherma 3 R32 units from Daikin AC Spain; the ArmaComfort acoustic insulation range from Armacell; and Xilent CUBE sound attenuators from Trox.

All of the money raised from the registration fees paid by companies participating in the Innovation Gallery has been donated to the Spanish Red Cross and the Spanish chapter of Doctors without Borders.

C&R FORUM Technical Seminars

As always, the C&R Forum programme of technical seminars, organised in partnership with sectoral associations, will discuss topical issues during 4 full sessions (one a day), focused on the following topics: The reality of nearly zero energy buildings; Relevant issues in refrigerants; Updating the Regulations on Thermal Installations in Buildings in line with the Ecodesign Regulation and the requirements of the Technical Building Code; and Challenges and opportunities in the air conditioning and cooling sector. The programme will also include some 60 talks, which will include: Regulations and certification; Technological progress; Systems; Refrigerants; Air quality; Renewable energy applications; Combined cooling and air conditioning installations, and Installation success stories.

Workshops to promote best practices in installation

C&R's programme of activities will also offer training and practical demonstrations in the Technical Air Conditioning Workshop (TAC), organised in partnership with AGREMIA, and the Refrigeration Workshop, in partnership with AEFYT, the Spanish Association of Cooling Companies and Technologies, and the Moratalaz Air Conditioning and Cooling Technology Training Centre, with the aim of promoting good practices in installation.

The TAC Workshop will be structured around four demonstrations focused on topics of interest in the air conditioning and heating sectors: AC systems and ventilation/extraction; fluorinated gas equipment handling; recycling and new ecological air conditioning systems; ventilation, extraction and air renewal systems for premises intended for use by persons.

The daily Refrigeration Workshop will address a number of issues related to the installation and assembly of water loop refrigeration systems, granular ice makers, small-scale standalone cold storage units, and transcritical CO2 systems and hydronic cooling equipment.

Four events featuring technological innovation, energy efficiency and environmental responsibility

C&R 2019 is held in parallel with GENERA, the International Energy and Environment Trade Fair, TECNOVA PISCINA, the Aquatic Installation Technology and Innovation Trade Fair, and SIGA, the Innovative Water Management Solutions Trade Fair - a combination of trade shows geared toward a broad group of professionals interested in technological innovation, energy efficiency and the environment.