BLUE PARTY by Michenlo

The most recognized DJ and influencer of our country.
Night of 20/12/23

Blue Party by Michenlo

About Michenlo

In a surprising twist, on December 20th, Christmas by STARLITE will be immersed in a dazzling shade of blue to welcome the BLUE PARTY by MICHENLO.

Michenlo, renowned DJ and influencer, lands at Christmas by STARLITE to bring to life one of the most outstanding celebrations in our country: the BLUE PARTY by MICHENLO. After more than a decade of training at the music conservatory of Santiago de Compostela, Michenlo channeled his career towards the creation of digital content, becoming one of the most prominent influencers of the national scene.

Even with his triumph in the digital world, Michenlo did not abandon his passion for music, surrounding himself with the best DJs nationally such as Dj Nano, Danny Ávila or Les Castizos. In 2019, he gave life to the BLUE PARTY by Michenlo, an event that managed to impregnate the social networks of the country's most prominent influencers and singers with blue. Next Wednesday, December 20, Michenlo will make the entire Christmas by STARLITE audience vibrate in a night full of music, shows and exciting surprises.