Meet the stars of Christmas by STARLITE

Concert Programme

Rod Stewart poster

Rod Stewart

14/12/23 at 9:30pm

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Sting poster


15/12/23 at 10:00pm

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Ricky Martin poster

Ricky Martin

16/12/23 at 9:30pm

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Manuel Turizo poster

Manuel Turizo

17/12/23 at 9:30pm

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Lola Índigo poster

Lola Índigo

18/12/23 at 9:30pm

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Carlos Rivera poster

Carlos Rivera

19/12/23 at 9:30pm

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Sebastián Yatra poster

Sebastián Yatra

20/12/23 at 9:30pm

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After Party Programme

Oro Viejo DJ Nano

Oro Viejo by Dj Nano


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Juan Magán poster

Juan Magán

15/12/23 (after party)

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Fedde Le Grand poster

Fedde Le Grand

16/12/23 at 02:00am

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Blue Party by Michenlo

Blue Party by Michenlo


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