Lola Índigo

A show full of energy, rhythm and dance
18/12/23 at 9:30pm

Lola Índigo poster

About Lola Índigo

Lola Indigo has been a musical revelation in recent years, with a series of hits that have broken records. Her first album, "Akelarre," reached the top spot in physical, digital, and streaming sales. It featured hits like "Mujer bruja" and "Ya no quiero na," among others. "La Niña" was her second album, also reaching the top spot in sales and earning Gold and Platinum certifications. Her collaboration with Tini and Belinda on "La Niña de la escuela" stood out, amassing over 145 million streams on Spotify.

Her third and latest album, "El Dragón," once again showcases Lola Indigo's limitless creativity and reaches the top spot in sales in Spain and on the songs chart. One of her most successful singles is "El Tonto," in collaboration with Quevedo. In addition to these hits, she has released more singles like "M.A - Remix," "De plastilina," "Discoteka," "Santería," and "4 Besos." Lola Indigo has transcended borders and become one of the most influential figures in Spanish music on the international stage. Don't miss her thrilling performance at Christmas by STARLITE, where you will enjoy a show packed with energy, music, and dance in a truly unique setting.