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OmbreOn Kit: Battery-operated LED control for sunshades

A complete, practical LED lighting system with rechargeable battery for sunshades and sun umbrellas

Noticia Expositor G

Teleco Automation, with its partner Teleco Inlumina, offers OmbreOn Kit, a complete, practical lighting system for sunshades and sun umbrellas consisting of:
• LED lights
• dimmer receiver
• black, handheld, pre-programmed mini 2-channel transmitter
• rechargeable battery
OmbreOn KIT is easy to install thanks to the waterproof case which is attached to the sunshade/umbrella pole and can be removed at any time.

Teleco Automation, with its partner Teleco Inlumina, offers high performance integrated systems for pergolas, verandas, awnings, large umbrellas and gardens, designed to improve outdoor wellbeing.
A single contact you were looking for to provide a complete Plug&Play system for controlling lights, motors and energy loads, combined with tastefully designed LED lighting, ideal for any type of outdoor environment.

COMPLETE SOLUTIONS MANAGED FROM JUST ONE REMOTE CONTROL, simple to install, child’s play to use.




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