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04 diciembre 2018

Pirámides de Güímar celebrates its twentieth anniversary.

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2018 marks the twentieth anniversary of the Ethnographic Park & Botanical Garden Pirámides de Güímar.

Throughout these two decades, the museum has experienced an enormous growth. After its beginnings, which focused on the exhibition of theories about the pyramids, the park has been expanding, becoming an outdoor museum with the creation of four open air routes that reveal the Canarian cultural and natural heritage and the history of the archipelago. Two unique gardens have also been created. The Poison Garden represents a journey through the history of poisons and poisoners, and presents some of the most toxic plants on the planet. The Sustainable Garden, inspired by a Canarian ravine with its watercourse, is a model of how gardens can be created in the Canary Islands in a sustainable way. Several other exhibitions and the celebration of multiple cultural events have also marked these years of activity of Pirámides de Güímar. Another important event was the signing of a collaboration agreement with the University of La Laguna, to develop projects of 'environmental education for sustainability'.

The Ethnographic Park reviews this year the path taken so far, which includes two nominations to the prestigious European Museum of the Year Award (2011, 2017) sponsored by the Council of Europe, and the denomination of Botanical Garden, after its acceptance as member of the Ibero-Macaronesian Association of Botanical Gardens. As a finale to the celebrations, the Tropicarium was recently inaugurated, a natural space that houses tropical plants in a true tropical environment. This space pays tribute to Charles Darwin allowing us to get up close to orchids and insectivorous plants, and to know their relevance in the studies of the British naturalist.