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Jump and have fun, dance with joy, embrace your loved ones, remember special moments, toast to life and celebrate with your partner, friends, family or colleagues in an unforgettable night. Enjoy an exquisite dinner, an exciting show and an afterparty that will surely be the most memorable night of your life.

Customize your plan in a unique and special way. Live this experience from one of our VIP tables. We offer you an exceptional show full of energy that will last in your memories. Choose the table that best suits your desires.

At WAH, we believe that life is a reason to celebrate, and our place is the perfect setting to do so.

VIP Table An exclusive and memorable experience.


Be the first to arrive. Get in without having to wait in long lines to enter the venue or the theater.

Table escort

Our team of hostesses will escort you to your seat, adding an extra touch of exclusivity to your experience.

Table service

Our hospitality team will be at your service throughout the entire experience, providing table service during dinner and the show.

Reserved space

We have reserved a special place for you at the beginning of the show. Enjoy our exclusive VIP menu at the table we have assigned you.


You will have access to our exclusive VIP area to enjoy our third act in an even more exclusive way.

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wahnna be a star
wahnna be a star