SRR is Spain’s leading business and sales meeting for the recycling and recovery industry.

SRR is an opportunity to see how research and innovation are industry’s main levers for improving recycling systems and boosting process efficiency

All sectors of society represented at SRR are involved in the interesting challenge posed by the Circular Economy

SRR brings the main drivers of the new circular economic model towards which Europe is travelling together under one roof

06 Jun 2016

The Recycling and Recovery International Trade Fair. SSR to take place for the fifth time from 15 to 17 June at FERIA DE MADRID. The event is sponsored by the Spanish Federation of Recovery and Recycling (FER) and in just five years it has become the major recycling and recovery event held in our country. Part of the Sustainable Environmental Solutions Forum (FSMS), which is also organised by IFEMA, SSR is held concurrently with TECMA, ESCLEAN, ENVIFOOD Meeting Point and the CITIES FORUM OF MADRID debate spaces.

Ion Olaeta, president of FER said that, “the Recycling and Recovery Trade fair includes the main drivers of the circular economy towards which Europe is moving, all together under one roof”, while Alicia García-Franco, General Manager of FER, said that “the FER Congress will take place at the same time as the SSR to give more visibility to a sector that is crucial to the economy and to society”.

The trade fair will be a top-level meeting for discovering, first hand, how recoverers plan to address the challenge posed by the European Commission’s package of measures on the circulate economy, which has set ambitious targets for recycling 65 por ciento of municipal waste, 75 por ciento of packaging waste, with only a maximum of 10 por ciento of municipal waste destined for tips by the year 2030.

Waste recoverers, the main agents in this change of economic model, will be able to meet up with the main environmental representatives from different public administrations, as well as experts and trade professionals who are directly or indirectly involved in the recovery and recycling sector.

.Participating sectors
Right from the start, this Exhibition has had enormous capacity to attract representatives from very different spheres of knowledge and experience. This opinion is shared by the many associations, federations, entities and bodies that not only take part in the meeting, but which are also involved with organising seminars, conferences and other events. That is why SRR is Spain’s leading business and sales meeting for the recycling and recovery industry.

From 15 to 17 June attendees will see an extensive range of machinery and technology services in the areas of decontamination, recovery, fragmentation, recycling and recovery of all types of waste, as well as logistics and certification and verification bodies, environmental consultants and others.

The waste products dealt with at this trade fair are end-of-life vehicles, plastic, textiles, glass, wood, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, batteries, containers, tyres, building and demolition waste, organic waste, dangerous waste and paper and cardboard.

. A great event
In the framework of SRR, the Spanish Federation of Recovery and Recycling, FER, will hold its annual congress from 16 to 17 June, now established as the sector's most important meeting point.
This annual event attended by some of the main representatives of leading industry companies, which will show the latest innovations in recycling machinery and technology.

The annual meeting of FER will also be a great opportunity for hearing about the sector’s concerns and for acquiring new knowledge, thanks to the important questions dealt with through the important questions dealt with at the different panel discussions. The Congress is also the main networking and know-how event on recycling and recovery in Spain, and for two days it becomes a meeting point for entrepreneurs, politicians and experts from all over the country.

. Innovations
At the end of the 14th National Recycling and Recovery Congress, organised by FER, the Madre Tierra (Mother Earth) and Life Devoted to Recovery awards ceremony will take place. Also, during the three-day event SRR and its organising bodies and participants will present an intensive programme of activities that focus on the Circular Economy.
Exhibitors at SRR will present their latest innovations at the Show.

ALEX IMPLEMENTS, S.L. (ALEX IMPORT) provides recovery, recycling, works, demolition, mining and environmental services and equipment import, distribution and after sales services. At SRR it will be there with its extensive range of equipment and products specifically designed for recovery and recycling work.
From American brand LA BOUNTY it has some new small-size shears, and it will present the MSD-16R model weighing 230 kg. From Japanese manufacturer NPK it has the K-3J model weighing 280 kg, which has surprising cutting capacity.

Italian brand KOMPLET makes the versatile CRM-50 cable processor which strips cables and separates the copper from the plastic on a large scale.
Finnish manufacturer DYNASET makes the HMAG-900 60/40 electro-hydraulic magnet, which has its own electric generator driven by the same hydraulic as the machine.
It will also exhibit the HKS Xtra Tilt BVC-130 rotary actuator, which makes it possible to tilt any implement installed on the machine by up to 180º.
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Based in Charleville-Mézières (France), for the last 40 years this firm has designed, manufactured and sold equipment for the construction and demolition markets, recycling, scrap processing and for unloading products in the port and lumber industries. It is an important member of the Las Ardenas business community. As well as its headquarters in France, Arden Equipment also has a strong international presence, with affiliates in Russia, Great Britain, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Brazil and Slovakia.

In the pulp generation area, Arden Equipment will show the GA452 Pulverizer at SRR, available with free or hydraulic rotation, with 3, 4 or 5 claw versions. The new range of Arden scrap sheers will be represented at SRR by the AS021 and, last but not least, an S 453 demolition and grab, ideal for vehicles weighing from six to eight tons. More information

. AutoDrain
AutoDrain is Spain’s market leader in recycling and vehicle depollution solutions. It achieves this by taking a cost effective, common sense approach with a true understanding of the End of Life Vehicle industry. Autodrain makes great investments in innovation to produce efficient equipment, and has developed some new and very sophisticated products in recent years. This year is no different, and the company continues to impress with unique solutions that go beyond simple vehicle depollution and give the CAT a solution for vehicles depollution and recycling, making it a safer, faster and more profitable activity.

AutoDrain advises Authorised Treatment Centres on solutions for depollution needs when dealing with End of Life Vehicles.

. Main innovations

A few years ago, AutoDrain developed this purpose-built equipment designed to quickly remove valuable catalytic converters. This has now evolved, because the equipment comes with a mobile system for use in different work positions, making the investment even more profitable.
This system enables quick recovery of valuable catalysers, without sparks or risk to the operator.

AutoDrain continues to innovate in fluid recovery from the VFU, offering new versions of QuickDrain for an effective solution. There are different systems that meet the productivity needs of each client.
For waste recovery of different oils, antifreeze, brake fluid, petrol, diesel, screenwash, air conditioning, etc... this clean, profitable machine does it all.

This unique system removes scrap types from rims in just 15 seconds. It is designed for use with iron and aluminium rims, for cars, vans, four-wheel drive and small trucks, speeding up the task and increasing productivity.

Autodrain never stops working to give operators the tools needed for making vehicle recovery more efficient and profitable. That’s why it has just launched GlassPopper, a unique system used for removing urethane bonded windows without damaging the glass or the bodywork. This means that both parts, both the bodywork and the glass, can be reused to get the greatest benefit.

-QuickDrain Tower System
A space-efficient compact system supplied with fuel tank drilling system to clean the fuel through a unique fuel cleaning system to pump fluids directly to storage.
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The company will present the new Cat® MH3022 materials processor. It has a motor and a new hydraulic system which, in combination, reduces fuel consumption by 10 por ciento over its predecessor, the Cat M322D MH. The new cabin design offers improved visibility around the machine and it allows operators to work more safely and comfort. It also offers a wide variety of exclusive work equipment, implements, protections and track assemblies that allow the new models to work productively and for long periods in industrial applications, scrap recycling, ports, sawmills, etc.
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Intelligent solutions for the chip, scrap metal and waste transport and processing solution, will present effective installations for separation after shearing. To do this they have designed and developed installations for after the shearing process to enable recoverers to make the greatest possible profits from product sales and avoid penalties. Now it is really possible to get real value from products.
It has also developed reinforced conveyor belts for heavy shearers and pulverisers to guarantee high performance.

For handling shavings, it has turnkey installations for large recoverers with capacity to process four tons/hour of swarf to grind and centrifuge swarf, guaranteeing humidity levels below 2 por ciento and achieving a level of humidity as low as 0.8 por ciento.

One of its newest additions to its equipment is a plastic drying process. Its special plastic centrifuge systems achieve levels of below 5 por ciento in plastic materials.
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Dartex will present a pilot plant installed on its facilities in Andoain. The plant uses separation by densimetry installed in a closed circuit. It will be available to customers to conduct tests with their products and to study the viability of product separation by density. It will be taking an elastic mesh screen and densimetric table to the trade fair.

Eriez Magnetics is a leader in the design and manufacture of magnetic separation, metal detection, metal sorting and vibratory equipment for industries such as recycling, mineral processing, ceramics, plastics, aggregates and mining.

It will be showing two new options at this edition of SRR. Firstly, the Foucault model St22, which recovers non-magnetic metallic particles measuring 2 to 10 mm, which will be available for all customers wanting to perform tests on samples of materials they bring to us on to the stand. These samples must be at least 10 mm.

It will also be showing a Permanent Overband double current magnetic magnet (Tp20/80). Specifically, for horizontal lifting of long pieces of metal, preventing damage to the conveyor belts carrying the materials.
The firm will also be presenting new waste handling equipment by Bano Recycling and McCloskey. Also on a stand, a MacFab waste compactor.
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From its strategic location in Valencia and as a result of a project started 23 years ago by Peter Ocvirek, Suministros Europa Parts, S.L. has succeeded in becoming a leader in the distribution and sale of mobile machinery and worn spare parts replacement for biomass processing.

As Willibald distributors in Spain, they will exhibit the WILLIBALD EP 5500 SHARK shredder. This shredder can be operated by remote control from any distance, guaranteeing productivity and results. It has an extended hopper feed and the hammers can easily be changed in the service position.
It also distributes TERRA SELECT brand of trommel screeners. The Terra-Select T3 mobile trommel screener achieves new dimensions in its class. Very quick and easy to operate and maximum mobility. With single-axle towing and capacity to screen up to 60 m3/hour. Terra Select has developed a range of mobile drum screeners. These screens are outstanding for their numerous sophisticated solutions and the details. There is ready access to the entire machine, ease of operation, the quality of the components used and simplicity of the machine.
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GSTECNIC will be at SRR, presenting the new PET recycling system, MOBY. Visitors will have the opportunity to see the advantage of this waste recovery system for themselves. Since it was created in 2008, GS TECNIC has been marketing, advising on and repairing peripheral equipment for the plastics industry.

The Moby is a thermal processing system based on a combination of infrared rays, vacuum and mixing, and can be used with any polymer, with specific application to PET.

The material inside the reactor is recirculated through an intubated spindle and exposed to the effects of infrared rays in a low-vacuum environment. The temperature of the material is directly controlled, and in the case of the PET, it determines the different treatment phases: crystallisation, dehumidification, Super-Clean (depollution), and Solid State Polycondensation. (SSP). In the case of crystallisation and dehumidification, the MOBY system processes materials more quickly than traditional technologies and it is more flexible. In short, it is a comprehensive process for treating both pure and recovered PET.
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FEM Group will be at SRR with a range of machinery designed to make separation more efficient. The Murcia-based company will install a range of high performance, low energy-consumption equipment at the event.
Recycling and recovery are essential aspects of the circular economy. However, if we recycle materials using contaminating machinery that uses a lot of energy, we will also be damaging both the environment and society at large.

FEM Group goes beyond recycling per se and will take equipment to SRR which is specifically designed to improve yield and reduce electrical consumption. To demonstrate this, it will install an ensemble consisting of a vibrating hopper, a vibrating feeder, a rotating drum, a Foucault currents non-ferrous metal separator and two conveyor belts to carry separated materials.
This small scale assembly will be in constant operation, separating ferrous and non-ferrous materials and other materials. This will show visitors to the stand how three types of materials can be separated at the same time.

It will also show an overband-type ferrous metal sorter, consisting of a permanent magnet and surrounded by a band, which will also be in constant movement, to separate ferrous particles.
Lastly, the equipment on show will include a second separator of non-ferrous metals by eddy current that will classify non-ferrous metals.
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Otua Group is an industrial group made up of eight Recycling, Distribution and Research companies. Its main strength lies in its productive capacity and synergies generated among the companies, which allows them to provide integral and personal integral services.

It focuses on innovation and adding value in the sectors where it operates. Through excellence in management, it seeks to be a benchmark in questions of innovation and product quality.
Otua Group will have an innovative, state-of-the-art exhibition on a minimalist stand as well as offering original event to visitors starring Chef Carlos Maldonado.
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Jimol will be back again this year at Feria de Madrid for the recycling and recovery (SRR-IFEMA) trade fair, showing its machinery, such as strippers, shears, presses and new equipment for the recovery of oil filters.
Jimol was founded in 2012 by professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the design, production and assembly of machinery for recycling and recovery. Jimol offers strippers for separating metals (aluminium, copper, steel) from all types of cables, including high voltage; shears, from crocodile to vertical cutting, from small to large tonnage. They are suitable for cutting all types of materials by shearing. Fixed, semi-fixed and mobile compressors are used to compress packages of different metals, scrap, plastic and cardboard. Equipment for oil filter recovery, a compact machine designed by Jimol for recovering oil and metal from oil filters. Other machines such as rending mills and shredders, serum perforators, bag perforators, bottle perforators...

Jimol’s specialisation is the cardboard and plastic sector, mainly compactors, but it also has experience with other types of recycling machinery.
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At the upcoming of the Recycling and Recovery Exhibition, Pac Machinery, a company that imports and distributes machinery in Spain and Portugal, will present its new Lindner Recyclingtech shredding machinery which can shred any type of material (scrap, biomass, tyres, wood, rubbish, RAEEs, plastics, textile, glass, paper, etc.).
Pac Machinery will also be present with its latest innovations in vehicle depollution machinery for End of Life Vehicle depollution by Iris - Mec and crushers for vehicles measuring up to six metres by Roter.
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A company concerned with environmental issues, created in 1995, with the aim of offering customers practical solutions to the growing problems in the industrial, municipal, hospitality, etc. industries, etc. At SRR it will present its new PS-1400E rotary compressor for compacting cardboard and plastic on the waste generation site.

Waste is compacted into a 1,400-litre capacity polyurethane plastic bag. With 3kW of power, it is easy to install and transport (not anchored to the ground): continuously fed, does not require waiting times between compacting cycles; below 59dB sound level, for indoor installation; speed adjustable according to needs and bale weights of up to 450kg in 1.4m3, the highest compacting ratios in its category.

It can be located anywhere light waste is generated, such as supermarkets, large kitchens, hotels, restaurants, industry and hospitals.
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