The International Recovery and Recycling Trade Fair (SRR) renews its collaboration with FER and AEDRA

The signing of the agreement, on 21 April, at IFEMA

The Organising Committee of the event, headed by the Spanish Federation for Recovery and Recycling and the Spanish Association of Vehicle Scrapyards and Recycling Facilities, analysed the strategy for the 2018 edition

14 Dec 2017


On 21 April, agreements were signed renewing the collaboration between the International Recovery and Recycling Trade Fair (SRR), organised by IFEMA, and two of the main industry associations, the Spanish Federation for Recovery and Recycling (FER) and the Spanish Association of Vehicle Scrapyards and Recycling Facilities (AEDRA). The agreements were signed by the Director-General of IFEMA, Eduardo López-Puertas, the Director-General of FER, Alicia García Franco, and the President of the Spanish Association of Vehicle Scrapyards and Recycling Facilities (AEDRA), José Luis Legazpi.

With this act, both FER and AEDRA once again confirm their commitment to the leading industry trade show, which will be held from 13 to 15 June 2018, at the Feria de Madrid.

SRR has consolidated its positioning thanks to the representativeness of its offer, in partnership with leading firms in this segment of the economy, which includes machinery and technology services for the decontamination, recovery, fragmentation, recycling and waste recovery; logistics companies; bodies providing environmental certification and complementary activities; recycling companies; and the main integrated management systems (IMS), etc.

The signing of the agreements took place after the first meeting of the Organising Committee, where the working lines for the upcoming edition were defined. In 2018 SRR will complete its sixth edition, within the framework of the 3rd SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS FORUM (FSMS), along with the 19th International Town Planning and Environment Trade Fair (TECMA), and the 3rd Hygiene and Cleaning Trade Show (ESCLEAN), an event that includes ENVIFOOD, promoted by FIAB and AECOC.

This event builds on the attendance success of FSMS in 2016, the results of which were analysed by the SRR Organising Committee, with 740 companies and 262 direct exhibitors, of which 274 companies were represented and 70 exhibitors were SRR members, from 27 countries, and 10,470 professionals from 38 nations.

The SRR Organising Committee, led by the President of FER, Ion Olaeta, as its chairman, and the President of AEDRA, José Luis Legazpi, as its vice chairman, was constituted. This comittee achieves a high degree of representativeness by bringing together the main business groups in this sector: the National Association of Plastic Recyclers (ANARPLA), the National Association of Environmental Auditors and Verifiers (ANAVAM), the Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification (AENOR), the Spanish Association of Paper and Cardboard Recovery (REPACAR), the Spanish Association for Environmental Treatment of Out of Use Vehicles (SIGRAUTO), and the National Group for Glass Recycling (ANAREVI).

The SRR Organising Committee also has a high degree of institutional representativeness: the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment, through the Directorate-General for Environmental Assessment and Quality; the Madrid City Council, through its Madrid City Energy Agency and its Directorate-General of Cleaning and Collection; and the Community of Madrid, represented by the Department of Finance and Taxation of the Directorate-General of Commerce and Consumption.

Since its inception, the Spanish Federation for Recovery and Recycling (FER) has been working with IFEMA to create SRR, the most important recovery and recycling event in Spain. It is the ideal space for hosting the main drivers of the new circular economic model towards which Europe is heading. In fact, that was the leitmotif of the previous National Congress on Recovery and Recycling, an event that FER holds in the framework of the SRR trade show, which also gives greater visibility to an industry that plays a crucial role in our economy and in society.

At the FER Congress, recovery companies, as the leading actors in changing the economic model, meet with the main representatives of the environmental agencies of the different public administrations, and with experts and professionals involved directly or indirectly in recovery and recycling.

In 2018, and coinciding with SRR, the 16th edition of FER's National Recovery and Recycling Congress will be held. According to the Director-General of the Spanish Federation for Recovery and Recycling (FER), Alicia García Franco, "the Congress will be a magnificent opportunity for companies to find out about the latest trends in the industry, as well as about consolidation of the circular economy".

AEDRA participates actively in the International Recovery and Recycling Trade Fair (SRR), and especially in its programme of technical seminars, holding its General Assembly, where the issues that most concern the industry are addressed. The vehicle scrapping and recycling industry contributes decisively to the circular economy, which is becoming increasingly consolidated in the face of growing demand for consumer goods worldwide and the resulting threat of depletion of raw materials.

According to the Director-Genera of AEDRA, Rafael Pardo, "the sixth edition of SRR will be very important, because it will enable us to present the changes affecting Spanish Authorised Treatment Centres as a result of RD 20/2017, of 20 January, which regulates their activities and underscores the AEDRA campaign "Second-hand parts not obtained from CATs are illegal".

From 13 to 15 June 2018, the IFEMA convention centre will host the third edition of the SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS FORUM (FSMS), which also includes the 6th International Recovery and Recycling Trade Fair, SRR 2018, the 19th TECMA, and the 3rd ESCLEAN.


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