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19 September 2019

Opinion leaders are increasingly influential in the choice of suppliers

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Opinion leaders have increased their influence on construction and on any real estate project, whether new-build or rehabilitation. These agents and professionals, who have specialised knowledge in architecture and design, but also in new technologies, energy efficiency or sustainability, are now key to choosing the best suppliers of materials, components, systems, automatic doors, etc. Experts such as the President of the General Council of Professional Associations of Property Administrators and the CEO of the consultancy Arcadis explain this phenomenon

A few decades ago, the main concerns of a person purchasing a home or of the developer of an industrial or office building were limited to price and location. However, the choice now includes a whole other series of factors such as sustainability, efficiency and the incorporation of new technologies in the various components of the building, both internally and those that afford access to it and protect it, and among these are automated doors.

Salvador Díez Lloris, president of the General Council of Professional Associations of Property Administrators (CGCAFE) recalls that “traditionally, when beginning works in owners’ communities, the sole aim was to cover the minimum needs or requirements”. But, “fortunately this mentality is changing and, when works are commissioned, the quality of the works to be performed and of all of the materials to be used is increasingly important”.

In any of these areas, opinion leaders are using their specialised knowledge and are increasingly influencing the choice of products and suppliers. Also, as Díez Lloris says, “the ease with which we can currently access information contributes noticeably to users being able to quickly have all of the data and to take the decision that is best suited to their needs”.

Towards sustainability

Among the main trends set by opinion leaders in construction and equipment are efficiency and sustainability. The expert Marcos Uttley, CEO of the consultancy Arcadis, points out the increasing importance of environmental impact in the world. “There is constantly more awareness regarding the reduction of this impact and, even more so, in the construction industry”.

Uttley says that “in general, there is consensus among the industry professionals regarding the need to progress and lead in sustainable solutions; in relation to the carbon footprint, materials and solutions, systems that guarantee responsible consumption in the building once it is constructed, etc.”

As he points out, the final decision on implementing solutions is the developer's, as the ultimate promoter of a project; and their awareness varies depending on the end goal and on the profit the solutions provide in the development. “The solutions for improving carbon footprints and obtaining sustainability certificates are a commercial incentive for certain real estate funds and investment trusts; and the reduction of consumption expenses are an incentive for all projects aimed at renting, whether homes, offices, commercial premises or hotel rooms”.