General view of the SMARTDOORS trade fair with visitors.

SMARTDOORS, International Construction Week

Organised by IFEMA, smartdoors will this year be coinciding with VETECO International Trade Show Window, Facade and Sun Protection Systems.

Automated devices for the creation of intelligent spaces in housing, accessibility solutions for all types of buildings or for homes adapted to people with reduced mobility, rolling and stackable doors that offer great energy savings are just some of the innovations that companies will be presenting.

The Doors and Automated Devices exhibition hall (Hall 2, Feria de Madrid) which brings together the latest technological advances and proposals from forty companies and leading international brands from a sector in constant growth.

The event is held in association with the VETECO International Security Exhibition, with the latest innovation on show in the field of commercial, industrial and garage doors, fast doors and loading docks, roll-up closures and fire doors, as well as automated devices, control systems, components and fittings. The presence of automatic pedestrian doors, doors for clean rooms, hermetically-sealed and operating rooms will also make this Hall a remarkable event, unique in Spain. All focusing on issues of security, accessibility, energy efficiency, thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as advances and improvements in regard to design and architectural integration, connectivity and control systems.

Among the products that companies will be exhibiting at SMARTDOORS, the latest innovations in home automation stand out, allowing the creation of intelligent spaces in the domestic sphere and integrating technology in energy management, security systems, comfort and communications, among others. Accessibility solutions will also be seen in all types of buildings and homes, such as automated swing doors and automatic sliding glass doors, solutions in houses adapted to people with reduced mobility, for public bathrooms in hotels, restaurants, hospitals etc. with innovative locking systems. There will also be roll-up and stackable doors that offer considerable energy and time saving due to their high operating speed, a line of automatic doors offering great hermetic properties and which are even self-repairing, electromechanical automation for swing doors that offer greater access and security without architectural barriers, interior doors with magnetic linear-motor technology that move through the attraction and repulsion of magnets and the latest in electromechanical motors for heavy sliding doors, among many other new developments.