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Automatic doors: the best anti-theft device

Automatic doors have become the best anti-theft device. They are one of the most efficient dissuading tools against thieves, because they usually do not have any external elements that can be tampered with, and many of them also use unique and non-transferable access codes. Several industry experts explain this in further detail.

22 Oct 2019

One of the main advantages of automatic doors is that “most automated devices do not have external elements and, therefore, thieves have nothing to tamper with”, as explained by Honorio García, manager of Automatismos Profesionales (PUERTAS AUPRO).

This expert gives the example of a sectional door. “Externally there is no access to the motor and, additionally, most motors block the doors and provide other systems such as electro-locks, bolts, etc. with higher security”, he pointed out.

Automatic doors guarantee their closure after we go through them, restricting access for people not authorised to enter. But furthermore, “the addition of an IoT (internet of things) access control device notably increases security”, says Boris Escandell, product assistant with NAYAR SYSTEMS.

In his opinion, “these systems, in addition to offering information on the door remotely, allow the generation of unique access codes that are non-transferable among users”. This is “the safest and smartest way to open a door”.