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15 March 2024

Interview with Javier Pérez, FIMPA president

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The appointment with innovation and the most complete showcase of innovations for the door and automation sector interviews Javier Pérez, president of FIMPA.

How important is it for FIMPA to be present at SMART DOORS?

For us, being present at SMART DOORS is crucial, as it is the undisputed meeting point for the sector. Our federation must be there to support it and show our commitment to quality and safety of automatic doors. 

SMART DOORS is also a platform for us to make contact with industry peers, professionals, manufacturers, installers and technology providers in the sector, both nationally and internationally, and make new connections. Additionally, this trade fair allows us to learn first-hand about the latest innovations presented by automatic door manufacturers, share knowledge and make strategic partnerships.

What is your overall review of the automatic door industry in Spain at the moment?

The automatic door industry in Spain is currently experiencing significant growth. Demand in both the residential and commercial sectors continues to increase due to factors such as growing security awareness and the need to improve accessibility in different spaces. 

In terms of manufacturing, the integration of smart systems, such as sensors, automation and remote control, is boosting the sector development. We are seeing greater investment in technology and more efficient production processes, enabling us to offer higher quality and higher performance products. Despite growth, we are facing challenges such as unfair competition, the need to adapt quickly to technological advances and the need for continuous professional training.

What role do events like SMART DOORS play in promoting the industry and generating business opportunities for the automatic door industry?

Events like SMART DOORS play a vital role in promoting the automatic door industry by providing a platform where manufacturers, installers, maintenance professionals and other stakeholders can meet, exchange ideas and explore new business opportunities. Not only do these events allow us to showcase the latest solutions and services, but they also encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing between the different value chain actors. They are an excellent opportunity to establish contacts with potential customers and commercial partners, which may result in new business opportunities and collaborations. 

What are the main challenges currently facing the sector?

The main challenges we face in the sector include the insufficient presence of CE marks on industrial, commercial and garage doors, especially existing stock. There is also a serious lack of market surveillance.

The solution to these problems lies in getting more support from the public administration, taking the need for CE marking very seriously and ensuring that everything bought and sold in our country is CE marked, as well as through permanent market surveillance and regular inspections. For this reason, FIMPA continues to work closely with the administrations to ensure that many more market surveillance campaigns are carried out and also ensure compliance with the safety requirements for all automatic doors.

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