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Forsa proposes servo-mechanisms for pedestrian doors

Forsa has created ETERNA, a servo-mechanism for single or double and telescopic sliding doors, available in different versions with capacities up to 200 kg per leaf. Its BRUSHLESS motor conveys a great technological leap that ensures the greatest smoothness of movement, silent operation, reliability and long life.

16 Jun 2021

The ETERNA 90 model has very small dimensions: only 100 mm high and 135 mm deep, with a capacity of up to 130 kg in the single leaf version. Their automation has been designed with the utmost attention to detail, with double wheel carriages to improve the stability of the blades and a soundproofed runner track.

ETERNA provides for optional use of a battery for emergency opening and electric locking, which can be of three types: fail secure, fail safe and bi-stable. In addition, it has successfully passed the durability test, with more than two million continuous operating cycles.